Will Teletherapy Really Work for My School District?

Teletherapy most definitely will work for your school district. Teletherapy is quite a revolution in speech therapy. Through the use of computers, the Internet, and a trusted technology, your students will have direct one-on-one access to a highly qualified and well-trained telepractitioner who can provide speech therapy services from anywhere.

Teletherapy removes the barrier of distance that all too often prevents rural schools and charter schools from having access to the clinicians they need. Also, ASHA has emphasized on numerous occasions just how incredibly helpful telepractice can be and that it has proven just as effective as in-person sessions.


Imagine not having to transport your students to and from therapy sessions. Think about how cost-effective it would be not to have to pay for a speech therapist’s bus or car fare bundled into his or her overall fee. Likewise, teletherapy can significantly reduce the excessive hassles related to transportation. It enables students and therapists alike to attend all of their sessions. If a car doesn’t start, no problem; the session can still go on as scheduled. Not only that, but teletherapy also allows for speech therapy sessions to happen on snowy days since no one has to step foot outside the house.

No Place Like Home

In many ways, teletherapy makes the child feel more at home. Instead of having to go into unfamiliar territory or a stuffy office, children can hop on the computer, play fun and interactive games that build their language skills, and comfortably interact with his or her SLP. The familiar surroundings of the students classroom (or even his or her home) coupled with the excitement of computers makes for the perfect setting for speech therapy sessions.

Teletherapy is Economical

Your school district is probably in a tough enough spot financially as it is. The last thing you need is to saddle your district with an over-bloated budget for in-house clinicians and SLPs. After all, each one of them will expect compensation commensurate with their abilities and qualifications.

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However, teletherapy allows you to link up with a company like Global Teletherapy and seriously reduce the overall costs of therapy sessions for your students without sacrificing quality in the process.

Since SLPs and occupational therapists involved in telepractice don’t need to have brick-and-mortar offices and can work from home, they are able to offer their services to your school for a much more economical fee.

Ready to Get Started?

If you think your school district can benefit from teletherapy, call Global Teletherapy today. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started: 888-511-9395.

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