Teletherapy is quickly reshaping how therapy services are rendered in the Digital Age. It blends the best therapy practice of conventional counseling with the unique advantages that come with the modern era.

In a very practical sense, teletherapy is opening up an entirely new world of opportunity for both therapists and schools. Most importantly, these service have been proven to be effective for children in need of speech and language assistance.

How exactly is teletherapy effective for school-age children? Here are three noteworthy reasons why teletherapy works.

1 – Eliminates the Need to Travel & Enhances Focus

Teletherapy can be described as just-a-click-away therapy. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection and your students are good to go. Therapists and students alike will never miss another therapy session due to the ease and convenience. Parents won’t have to take students to sessions, which significantly helps cut down on the costs associated with transportation.

Also, contrary to popular belief, children who use teletherapy actually get less distracted. In this device-oriented generation, the children love the interactive games and really get drawn into them. They find it extremely interactive and engaging, which allows for the therapists to truly gauge the students progress.

2 – Teletherapy is Economical

Teletherapy has an edge over in-person sessions when it comes to saving money. Due to the imbalance in the supply and demand of the therapists, getting a high-quality therapist tends to be prohibitively expensive. However, teletherapy usually involves partnering with an organization like Global Teletherapy who foots the bill for the therapy sessions. This type of arrangement can save parents and schools a lot of money without sacrificing the quality of care given to every student.

Consequently, the children benefit by getting the services of a highly skilled therapist that might not otherwise be possible if they were doing traditional therapy.

3. Recorded Session Enhances Speech Acquisition

Imagine a scenario where your students could replay an incredibly helpful session they had over and over again. With in-person therapy this would be impossible without recording every session with an audio recorded, which might scare a child. However, while a teletherapy session is going on, parents and schools can arrange for the entire session and screen to be recorded for the kids to go back to and continue to learn more and more.

Ultimately, teletherapy is revolutionizing the way schools are looking at speech therapy. The fact that it has so many advantages over traditional therapy makes it a great alternative for any school suffering from an SLP shortage.