As some of us know all too well, speech impairments can affect  both adults and children. They prevent us from communicating with others and learning effectively.

To help combat this, some amazing things are happening to help those in need, and you’ll never guess how or where they’re taking place. Read on to find out how the Internet is transforming how children in need are receiving speech and language therapy.

What is Speech Teletherapy?

For starters, what exactly is speech teletherapy? Teletherapy is the delivery of occupational, mental health, and speech therapy services via online video conferencing. All therapy sessions and consultations are done remotely with the help of secure live video chat. Families of the patients can contact their therapists directly via email and other modes of digital communication, whenever required. Therapists can treat the patients and help their families regardless of physical constraints or travel needs.

Speech teletherapy allows you to receive support and consultations wherever you are. It’s extremely easy to do and totally hassle free. Also, there rarely are additional expenses that you have to incur  because everything happens online.

Not only that, but it also ends up being an incredibly viable solution for schools in need of therapists due to staffing shortages. It also has been proven to be equally effective as traditional in person sessions and treatment.

Teletherapy Helps Children

Since the therapy is done online, the use of computers can often be stimulating and motivating for young children.

Most children enjoy looking at the monitor and images displayed on it or playing video games. As most parents know, this desire begins at quite a young age. This is why using a gadget or display screen for something like a speech teletherapy session can really get the attention of kids so much easier. The games and activities keep them glued to the therapy session without them feeling bored.

When you opt for teletherapy, you typically can expect to pay less for sessions even though they are from expert therapists. Also, the only equipment you’ll need for participating in speech teletherapy is a computer with a video camera and an earphone/microphone set. (Most laptops even come with these features these days.)

Speech Teletherapy is a Huge Time Saver

Sometimes it can be a real challenge trying to fit speech therapy sessions into your child’s schedule. Not only that, but actually getting to those sessions can be problematic.

However, teletherapy solves this problem head only. Your children can get a certified and highly trained therapist to provide your children with interactive speech and language therapy sessions online. Imagine how much time and energy teletherapy could save. No more car rides and no more frustration about missed sessions.

Ultimately, without speech and language skills, we are unable to properly share our feelings and thoughts. When it comes to providing therapy for speech impairment, remote speech therapy can do an amazing job. Teletherapy is a real game-changer for schools with a therapist staffing shortage and parents too far away from SLPs who can help their children.