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District Therapist Training 

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We believe the best way to support school-based clinical teams during these unprecedented times is to provide them with the resources to move their services online – quickly, efficiently, and professionally. With our help, K-12 therapists can continue to deliver speech and occupational therapy, counseling, social skills and psychological services to students remotely.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1. A technician will set up and test the platform to ensure students and therapists can sign on to the videoconferencing session and provide intense technical support throughout the process.

Step 2. One of our lead therapists will provide training on online services as well as how to provide online evaluations, ongoing customer services, and support.

Step 3. Clinicians have access to the website, videoconferencing/screen-sharing software, and assessment tools. Also available are a library of online resources including games and activities targeting a wide variety of goals and age groups, and the opportunity to collaborate with a network of other telepractitioners.

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