Being half way through May, undoubtedly many SLPs doing teletherapy are already looking at the finish line.  Just a month or so to go, and about time to look back upon another successful year filled with accomplishments and children who are in a much different place than last September. The question is how finish and position yourself for an even better one next year!

Tip #1: Prepare your teletherapy goals and data sheets for next year

Assuming that your teletherapy situation will remain the same, what better to time to get a jump on next year than right now/  After all, it is much different to lay the groundwork to continue and build upon your success while you are still in it!

This is a great time to print out your data sheets that contain the IEPs, goals, and objectives for your entire caseload of students.  You may want to finish things off and get out of there already, but consider how much time you will save yourself at the beginning of next year if you get all of that data recorded and clear now.  Put your mind at ease when you shut down your PC for the last time.

Tip #2: Prepare your activities and games for next year

Perhaps some of the chaos of last September has faded into the distant past.  But it won’t be long before you may be challenged with it again. Now is the perfect time to identify 3-5 of your favorite activities and games so that when things get hectic you won’t be looking around trying to find something to keep your kids going in the meantime.

Alternatively, if you have a few moments as things wind down, why not spend a few moments surfing around to find one of those many online catalogs that will offer you the cutting edge of what is currently available.  Again, spending some time now is going to position you much better and cut down on that stress and anxiety when you start up again after the summer.

Tip #3: Look for Sales

Some SLPs who do teletherapy have a lot of money for materials, and some don’t.  If you are in the latter category, perhaps this is an excellent time to do so shopping for materials you will surely need when you begin the new school year.

Begin by making a list of office and school supplies that you will need throughout the year and keep your eyes open for sales during the summer. While most of your work is in cyberspace, nonetheless “earthly” supplies are always needed as well, so get yourself poised and ready to save some of your hard-earned money.

Tip #4: A Perfect Opportunity to Schedule Continuing Education

In the expanding world of teletherapy, sometimes continuing education is just an obligation that needs to be discharged.  But maintaining the interest and devotion to learning can become much more than that. Perhaps there is another SLP with whom you want to collaborate or learn from in some way. More often than not, there isn’t the time during the school year.

But summertime, when things are more relaxed, could be a perfect time to either finish off your CEUs requirement or get in some learning that you have been just dying to do.  The summer breeze might blow in that long-sought opportunity to interact with other professionals from who you can grow. What a beautiful change of pace!

Tip #5: It’s Time for a Vacation!

Now there a couple of different ways to look at this badly needed, thoroughly deserved rest and recreation.  It could either be total fun, an opportunity to refresh yourself so that you can enter the new school year healthy, or perhaps a combination of enjoyment and some planning ahead.

What do I mean?  You guessed it! Even the vacation is an opportunity to prepare for the next year. How is that? Well, you probably take pictures on that vacation.  And these photos can be organized in such a way as to be the perfect new material in your portfolio. They are infused with your memories and are sure to generate an energized SLP performing her teletherapy!