The constant pace of technology continues apace on its unabated march to radically transform the world around us. Let’s face it; your school can’t grab every innovation that hits the market. Even if you had the budget (which you don’t), you don’t have the staff to learn every newest tool and how to implement it for your benefit.

So like everything else in life, you will need to set priorities. But this itself begs the question: how exactly do you do that?

Perhaps we can help you capitalize on these technological gifts and establish priorities that will get you the best bang for your buck without overwhelming you and your staff with unwanted challenges. Take a look at our top six priorities and see how you measure up.

1. Extend Teletherapy Support that is both Expert and Timely

You have used the internet long enough to know that your online experience can’t be any better than the staff that has been assigned to troubleshoot the problems that will inevitably come your way. To enjoy an excellent uninterrupted teletherapy experience, it cannot be emphasized enough that you must be as generous as possible in hiring top quality support.

Hiring excellent support is not the place to tighten the belt, as a simple mistake could destroy the online therapy session, and lead to ruining your entire day, together with your teachers and students. So acknowledge and accept that the great gifts that our new cyber reality comes with a price- paying for experienced and dependable technicians.

2. Careful Investment in the necessary equipment

Schools that are tech-savvy make it a priority to acquire quality equipment to serve their needs. Don’t think that you can avoid the investment required to provide your school with what it needs to bring you “up to speed.” This may include anything tablets for all, whiteboards for every classroom, and the necessary teletherapy equipment.

3. It is worth the time to develop a great plan

You need to treat technology like any other component of the job. To maximize resources and ensure success, a clear vision needs to be crafted before any significant investment. Smart schools that are serious about becoming tech-savvy understand this and devote the time and thought to define overall goals, specific objectives, and an incremental implementation process.

4. Maximize Teletherapy and Other Online Therapies

Of the most exciting developments in technology for schools is the option for remote therapy and other online therapies. Geography no longer constrains schools in their search for top quality therapists at reasonable fees. What’s more, with online therapy there is greater consistency which is of great benefit to students.

5. Innovate and Update Your Internet Presence

An online presence has added an entirely new dimension to education in numerous ways. Among them is the opportunity for teachers to continuously post fresh material on websites for students to grow and develop. Additionally, innovations and expansion of social media provide schools novel ways of connecting with and engaging parents.

6. Only the beginning

As you can see, with some creativity and resourcefulness, the opportunities to enhance education and therapeutical engagement for the children is seemingly endless. However, it is essential to keep one cardinal rule in mind- technology is to improve but not to replace. This may be the most significant challenge for the tech-savvy administrator.


So why are you waiting? Day by day, more and more schools are turning to teletherapy to offer their students top-notch therapy with all of the benefits that technology has to offer.

Isn’t it time that you did the same?

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