Yael Granick

Yael Granick has been working as a Speech Language Pathologist with preschool and school aged children since 2013. She is passionate in her career of helping students communicate and giving them the tools for success! Yael graduated University of Cincinnati in May 2013 and married shortly after. She quickly learned to juggle a job while running a household. Yael loves working with children and now has 3 little boys of her own! She loves the flexibility and convenience of working for Global Tele-therapy. This allows her to pursue her career of her dreams, help others, and enjoy time at home taking care of her family and little ones. Yael is currently ASHA certified and is licensed to work in NY, CA, MI, GA and PA.
Aside for her work as an SLP, wife and mother, she loves swimming, crafts, decorating her home and spending time in her kitchen baking delicious cakes and pastries.

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