Vicky Gura-Paliaroli

What does "Social Worker" mean to you? They can be found in almost any setting...schools, offices, health facilities, states agencies, and more.  The profession can arguably be dated back to ancient times when people recognized a need to address social problems, inequality, and poverty.  As recently at the 1890s, the first social work classes were offered on a college level.

Vicky has spent the past twenty two years advocating, supporting, and assisting the less fortunate and those in need.  She earned her B.S.W. from Xavier University in 1994 and her masters in 2009 from Wayne State University.  She has worked with people of varying age, race, gender, religion, socio economic status, and culture.  Vicky spent the first half of her career as a medical social worker in a nursing home, hospice, and a hospital.  Once becoming a licensed master level social worker, Vicky worked as a therapist for boys in a residential setting.  Most recently, Vicky has worked in a very busy and chaotic emergency room completing pediatric and adult psychiatric assessments and obtaining the appropriate level of care.  Other E.R. social work duties include evaluating patient safety, providing grief support, counseling for substance abuse, securing rehabilitative placement, and offering community resources.

A social worker is required to listen without judgment, evaluate without prejudice, and advise without controlling.  It has been Vicky's pleasure to educate, empathize, comfort, console, listen, and to care about people.  The greatest achievement of any social worker is to empower individuals to help themselves.  And, this remains Vicky's goal for the next twenty plus years.

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