Sharon Walters


Sharon Walters has been an occupational therapist for almost 18 years with varied experiences from early intervention to schools to acute care hospitals to skilled nursing facilities. She has been a teletherapist for almost 4 years servicing students who require occupational therapy services to address fine motor, visual motor, sensory integration, and other issues. Prior to being an occupational therapist, Sharon was a music therapist which she utilizes music in her online sessions. Sharon lives in Savannah, GA, but grew up in Nyack, NY (20 miles west of Manhattan). She has lived in primarily in the Northeast including Philadelphia and Hartford. Her passion is music as she is a professional singer. Currently, she loves to perform in community theater productions. Being a teletherapist has brought a new level of clinical thinking and reasoning that face to face does not provide. Sharon loves the challenge of instructing parents and/or special education faculty on the skills that the student must obtain to insure that they are meeting the level required.

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