Pam Lamon


Pam is a Canadian citizen and resides in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  She has over 12 years clinical experience working with all ages of clients helping each one gain functional communication skills.  She has clinical interests in assessing and treating oral motor or muscle based weaknesses that may underlie sound productions and motor planning/speech coordination difficulties that make speech hard to understand.

Pam is energetic and passionate about building functional and effective communication skills in children and coaching teaching staff to support student needs in the classroom.  She prides herself in creating fun and goal directed therapy sessions tailored to meet the needs of each and every client.  Therapy activities are designed from knowing what each client likes, enjoys and what motivates them to do their very best.  Long term goals are broken down into achievable steps so every client may experience success in each and every therapy session with her.

Pam graduated with her Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND in 2004 after completing a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1996.  Between 1996 and 2001, Pam held a variety of teaching positions as a teaching assistant, classroom teacher, and a special education teacher that helped her learn how to better support and serve children who were struggling in school.

Pam is a wife and a mother of two beautiful children and knows all too well how life can keep us very busy.  In her spare time, she loves learning to run, relaxing at the lake, swimming, enjoying campfires, and spending quality time with her family.

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