Marlo Wilson

M.S., E

Marlo is a data driven Education Specialists and a dynamic School Counselor!  She has a proven ability to establish rapport with students, families and colleagues. She is an excellent communicator with over 20 years’ experience working in a client- based environment.  Marlo is dedicated to showcasing a work style that is based on results, value and teamwork. As a Professionally Licensed School Counselor she works to ensure that student’s personal, social and academic goals are met. In working with clients she differs her counseling style across genres to ensure student needs are met. Having worked as a School Counselor for the last 10 years, she has had an opportunity to work with students and families with various needs while providing research based interventions and services.

She holds a Master’s degree in Education, as well, she has a License in Educational Administration.  She is also a qualified School Counseling Supervisor.  Her overall goal is to guarantee the success of the students and families that she services.

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Marlo is a Native of Virginia, she has been living in North Carolina for ten years, and she is married with three children.  She is an avid basketball fan and loves to travel.