Lisa George

Lisa has been a School Psychologist for over 26 years, with experience working in very small rural school districts as well as very large metro districts.  She has also had a private practice specializing in helping families learn to communicate more effectively and supporting GT/2e kids.  As a traditional School Psychologist, a Behavior Specialist and a Child Find Psychologist, Lisa’s experiences include servicing a wide age range of children starting as young as 2 and progressing all the way through until 21.  Supporting her students’ families as well as her fellow staff members has always been a hallmark of Lisa’s practice and her approach is based in kindness, compassion, and empathy, encouraging a growth mindset and a self-empowerment philosophy.

Lisa completed her Bachelor of Arts at Siena College and her Master of Arts and Certificate of Advanced Study at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, both small colleges in upstate New York close to where she grew up.  After graduating and gaining experience in a very small rural district, she married and moved to Colorado where she currently lives, works, and plays.

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Family is extremely important to Lisa and much of her free time is centered on being together in some way.  She also loves to read a good book while snuggled up with her kitty and to hit the beach, pool, lake or river for water therapy as often as possible.  Watching her husband whip up delectable vittles and acting as sous chef when necessary are also favorite pastimes.  Getting to eat his creations is simply icing on the cake!