Leslie Anderson

Leslie Anderson graduated with a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology from a nationally recognized program at the University of Memphis. Since graduating in 2010, she has enjoyed practicing in several treatment settings, including teletherapy, clinics, public and private schools, and adult rehabilitation. A lifelong equestrian and lover of horses, Leslie recently completed speech therapy training in the American Hippotherapy Association ’s Treatment Principles I. In addition to valuable techniques introduced with this training, the experience enhanced her understanding of the collaborative nature of therapy involving speech, physical, and occupational therapies. Leslie earned her undergraduate degree in graphic design, and worked for many years as an art director and designer in advertising agencies. She continues to enjoy spending time in creative endeavors, including jewelry making and performing on guitar and singing in local venues. In therapy sessions, Leslie makes good use of her creative thinking skills to respond more flexibly to the needs of her clients.

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