Jonathan Levin


Jonathan Levin, LCSW, is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Jonathan received his Masters in Social Work in 1998.  He worked as a school social worker for 8 years.  Since 2006, Jonathan has been providing 1:1 support for school aged children, as well as college-aged young adults. He provides this in face to face sessions as well as online therapy.

He also has experience running social skills group sessions, family therapy, and parent support. Jonathan’s experience includes working with teens and young adults with social difficulties, emotional challenges, nonverbal learning disabilities, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and autism spectrum disorders. Part of that work is helping parents get the help they need to best support their children at home and at school. Jonathan works with teens, young adults and parents to help empower them with how they can begin to control their lives by making changes, however big or small. It starts with learning about self, and using supports and strengths.

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Jonathan lived in the Chicago area until 2014 when he and his family moved to Israel.  There, with his wife and 4 of his children, time is spent hiking, playing tennis, and traveling.