Holly Segel

She came into the world with the name Holly Hock. Between that name and the fact that she had four siblings, Holly learned to have a sense of humor, a determination to succeed, and an ability to laugh at herself. Holly never realized how her life choices would allow her to live in so many places around the world.

Holly earned her undergraduate degree at Bowling Green State University. After graduating a semester early Holly worked for the schools in Auburn, Indiana. She quickly learned that she needed her Master's Degree. Holly attended Case Western Reserve University. While there, Holly was distracted by a young man who soon became her husband. Nearly 35 years later, they are both certain they found a perfect match.

Upon Graduating from CWRU Holly built her skills in Speech Pathology working in settings where she gained experience working with children and adults with a variety of speech, language and swallowing impairments. She worked in many great settings from hospitals to schools to home health. Eventually, Holly listened started a private practice. This easily transitioned to working in Telehealth.

All of this experience was gained while living in Ohio, Wisconsin, Toronto; Colorado and Israel. Holly had some corporate opportunities as well. She worked for Advanced Bionics Corporation in the Los Angeles area and for Cochlear AG in Switzerland. Upon returning to the United States in June 2017, Global Teletherapy was the obvious choice for her.

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Holly lives in Denver, CO, with her husband Philip and their Great Dane, Mimzy. Holly enjoys reading, arts & crafts, walking and hiking and spending quality time with family and friends.

A primary philosophy that guides Holly's life is to "have fun with what you are doing." She uses this to guide her approach to all aspects of her job.