Ellison Cullinan

M.Ed and LSW

Ellison Cullinan, M.Ed and LSW, is an experienced Licensed Social Worker. Ellison received her Masters in Education and her Bachelors in Social Work, with an emphasis in School Social Work. She has spent several years working as a School Social Worker in Minnesota. Since 2014, Ellison has worked with children with Severe Emotional Disturbances (SED) and their families, meeting for 1:1 sessions at their home providing support and skills training. Ellison also has experience running social skills groups addressing topics such as anger management, friendship skills, ADHD, smoking cessation, divorce, addiction and abuse. Additionally, she has provided parent support both individually and in a group setting. Ellison has worked with teens and young adults with emotional and social difficulties, nonverbal learning disabilities (including Autism), ADHD, Attachment Disorders, depression, anxiety, conduct and defiant disorders and opposition behaviors. Ellison has written and implemented Individual Education Plans (IEP) for students of all ages. Ellison is a native Minnesotan. Living there with her husband, she enjoys traveling, spending time with her two four-legged fur babies, friends, family and reading.

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