Coping During COVID-19 | Support Sessions

Because of our unique role in children’s education, we would like to support the thousands of children with new anxieties over being quarantined. We feel a responsibility to do what we can to assist schools, therapists and students with this transition to online learning and seclusion.

As the number of homebound students grows exponentially every day, we want to ensure that
students remain engaged and healthy. Our therapists will be providing complimentary
“Support Sessions” to the country’s youth.

These ½ hour Support Sessions will be held daily through June. They will range in age formats to discuss specific concerns. The group sessions will focus on keeping the students calm and engaged while homebound due to the current situation.

Click below on a session to register. Parent permission is required.

Early Elementary

Conquering Cabin Fever with Under the Sea Yoga

In this webinar hosted by OT, Traci Gerner, students will be shown a variety of sea life animal yoga poses to enhance flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness, mood, relaxation and calming. It is led by an occupational therapist and is geared for ages 5 & Up.

STAYCATION and CABIN FEVER: Using complex and abstract vocabulary to define and describe the home-experience during COVID-19

This webinar, hosted by SLP, Hannah Werner, will explore using abstract vocabulary to express the novel experiences and emotions students are experiencing during this time. It is led by a speech and language pathologist and is recommended for early elementary age students.

Sensory stimulation activities and tools for stress relief

In this webinar, hosted by OT, Holli Aberma, parents and students will be provided with great sensory activities and other tools that can help promote relaxation and provide calming strategies for those who are sensitive to their environment and tend to over-respond to change. Lead by an occupational therapist and geared for ages 5 & Up.

Discussing COVID-19 with Young Children

This webinar, hosted by SLP, Lynne Inabnitt, will cover approaches to discussing COVID-19 with young children. It is led by a speech-language pathologist and will discuss how to use thoughtful and age-appropriate language to discuss the pandemic and support young children during this challenging time.

Worries, and Maintaining Control When you Feel out of Control

Join Global Teletherapy’s very own MH, Candice Paolino, for a webinar focused on maintaining control when you feel out of control.


Germs, how not to be afraid

In this webinar, hosted by MH, Erika Ayanaw, caregivers and children 8 and up will learn about germs, how germs get into the body, and learn strategies for staying healthy. Children will explore ways to manage worry and fears related to germs. Last, suggestions for caregivers surrounding the topic of germs will be provided.

The power of showing up: enhancing caregiver/child relationship tips as this is an excellent time to strengthen attachment!

This webinar, hosted by MH, Erika Soto, will cover the 4 S’s of connection (safe, seen, soothed, and secure) and will touch on the basics of attachment theory. We can use this time to build deeper connections and bonds with our kids. While there is currently a lot of uncertainty in the world, we can provide a sense of stability and security by being safe adults and holding space for them to explore their feelings, experiences, and concerns through this pandemic.

Can Social Distancing Bring Us Closer Together?

This webinar, hosted by SLP, Shelly Morris, will show how students can support others in their community and communicate socially during COVID-19. It is led by a speech-language pathologist and is geared toward children ages 8 and up.

Middle/High School

My Senior Year was Canceled! Now What?

This webinar, hosted by MH, Amy Donovan, will address the unique experience of High School seniors who are feeling like their senior year has been canceled. We will address perspective-taking, what’s real and what isn’t, and how to cope with the loss of experiences they’ve been looking forward to. Parents are also invited to attend.

Social Distancing for Teens

This webinar will focus on the challenge of social distancing, social isolation, and quarantine or “shelter in place” for teens. We will discuss what it means, why it’s important, what it doesn’t mean, and how to maintain important social connections and relationships with peers while also being proactive and smart.

Circles of Control

This webinar will address the need to feel in control in an uncertain world and bring some perspective to what we can and cannot control. We will discuss managing anxiety and fear and how teens and parents can work together to get through this pandemic.

All Ages

Emotional awareness and self-care

These webinars, hosted by MH, Andrea Kyndhail, will focus on the important jobs that our emotions do for us, how to recognize escalating emotions, and how take care of our needs so that problems can be solved.

Empathy and care for others

These webinars, hosted by MH, Andrea Kyndhail, will focus on how to recognize when others in our lives are struggling with overwhelming challenges and how to offer empathic support.

How to be flexible, resilient and work as a team

This webinar, hosted by MH, Andrea Kyndhail, will focus on what resilience is, how to ask questions, build flexibility and work together with others to meet needs in creative ways

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