Landing an online speech therapy job is a dream come true for an SLP!  This is true for several reasons. While not every change the Internet has wrought is beneficial, many therapies, including Speech Therapy are increasingly turning to the Internet, creating new possibilities for clients and clinicians alike.  But before you throw your hat into the ring, consider the following.

An Online Speech Therapy Job offers Convenience and Flexibility

Online speech therapy jobs offer many conveniences. There is no need to travel anywhere- a savings of time, money and personal wear and tear.  All you need is your laptop and headset.  Give the session in the most comfortable and convenient place you can find- even in your home. Once you are finished, you are finished.  Don’t worry about the gas bill- it will never come!

For many SLPs scheduling can be a problem.  But with an online speech therapy job, your hours can be both convenient and flexible. Your scheduling conflicts will decline if they don’t disappear altogether. And you be the one to decide if you will work part-time or full-time.

Professional Growth

With an online speech therapy job, you will have the opportunity to be your boss and grow your career while working from the comfort of your home.  Aside from the savings, eliminating travel will boost productivity as well.  This will afford you more to spend more time working with kids and less time in the car.  Another perk- managing caseload and workload becomes easier.

With the ever-expanding array of innovative web-based materials, an online speech therapy job will thrust you into the cutting-edge area of the field.  As manifest by the plethora of games and exercises already available, the creativity on the web seems constrained only by the limits of the human imagination.  And as the field continues to grow, you will continue to grow with it!

Personal Satisfaction

Perhaps when all is said and done, an online speech therapy job offers an even more sublime satisfaction. Online speech therapy has many benefits for the client. The most widely recognized of those benefits is that services can be provided to clients who live in geographically constrained areas where conventional therapy methods are not available.

Also, online speech therapy offers those provided services convenience as well.  Due to its inherent flexibility, treatment can be provided in that setting which is most comfortable.  This can be practically anywhere.  While commonly used in schools or at home, ASHA’s policy is that there are no real limitations to where online speech therapy can be used effectively as long as the services comply with professional, institutional, state, and federal guidelines.

So if you haven’t yet tried your hand at an online speech therapy job, or even if you have, now is the time to make it a focus.  As the Internet continues to change our world at an ever-accelerating pace, the quality of your therapy need not change.  What you need is more opportunity!  An online speech therapy job may provide just that.