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We strive to provide Schools access to high-quality Teletherapy services.

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Global Teletherapy offers these main services:

Speech Language Therapy

ASHA accredited and licensed online speech therapists provide high-quality online therapy for K-12 students via live video-conferencing. Therapists employ best practices to help children reach and surpass their goals.

Psychoeducational Assessment

Our school psychologists provide online initial Psychoeducational Evaluations and follow-up reevaluations, Assessment Planning, Review of Records, and Functional Behavior Assessments for students.

Mental Health

High-quality social workers, school counselors, school psychologists, and online mental health therapists are available to provide pivotal therapy sessions to K-12 students who otherwise wouldn’t have access.

Occupational Therapy

Licensed occupational health clinicians blend their skills and experience with an expanding array of games and tools available online. Gross and fine motor skills are addressed in a safe online environment.

Physical Therapy

Our seasoned physical therapists use their experience, specialized toolkits, and more to rapidly advance students toward their IEP goals. Our approach is affordable, reliable, and, most importantly, engaging for kids.

Consider these 10 important benefits of teletherapy:

  • Accessibility
    Schools have unprecedented access to an extensive national network of rigorously vetted, top-quality certified and licensed therapists with at least two years of professional experience. Students who are culturally or linguistically diverse and those with special needs can easily find an appropriate therapist.
  • Communication
    Schools are provided with premium customer service, delivered by a dedicated school-relationship manager who answers questions and ensures the smooth continuation of therapy in the event of issues or concerns.
  • Compliance
    Schools can be in full compliance with federal mandates including IDEA, which reduces liability for punitive, legal, and financial consequences.
  • Consistency
    Telepractice reduces therapist attrition rates and enhances the clinician’s consistency with students by eliminating the need to travel.
  • Cost
    Districts see substantial savings by eliminating therapists’ travel expenses and premium agency fees for therapists willing to travel.
  • Stress Reduction
    School administrators’ headaches disappear when the burden of recruiting, screening and hiring of therapists is adeptly outsourced and managed.
  • Reliable Technology
    Teletherapy sessions are conducted through Zoom, a system trusted by millions of users, with support ensuring a quick and helpful response should a problem ever arise.
  • Security
    Schools rest assured that every online therapy session is secure, with all data privacy protected and encrypted in compliance with HIPAA and FERPA guidelines.

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