Online speech therapy has been catching mainstream attention in the recent years as SLP’s (speech language pathologists) have unanimously attested to its incredible potential. Telepractice allows for high-quality speech therapy sessions to happen virtually via secure technology.


What is Telepractice?


Telepractice is the application of modern day telecommunications to the delivery of visual and audio services over a distance by professional clinical practitioners as they reach the end user who is usually a patient (and in our case a student at your school).


What is Online Speech Therapy?


Online speech therapy is a form of telepractice (or teletherapy) that links highly trained online speech therapists to students at your school who are in need of speech therapy. This happens over a high-speed Internet connections at both ends, a functional webcam, and a microphone headset. Your school contracts with the telepractice provider who then links your students with their team of speech-language certified pathologists.


Sessions usually involve listening, speaking, reading, writing, and even fun games. Session can get recorded at the end after which the SLP will generate an activity report to later use in the evaluation of a student’s progress. Students, of course, will be screened beforehand for any communication disorders and the therapy session will cover basic things like fluency, language, cognition, etc.


Any and all documents and the sessions themselves are strictly confidential and kept secure to ensure therapist-patient confidentiality. The therapists who your students would be seeing are nothing short of the best: highly trained SLPs with background helping children just like your students.


How Do Schools Benefit from Speech Telepractice?


Having online therapy sessions saves tremendously on the cost of therapy since all schools can now afford high-quality SLP services for their students without having to incur the expense of an in-house expert. Not only that, but any school that is suffering from a shortage of speech therapists can easily use telepractice to help solve the problem.


Not only that, but it makes it extremely easy for your students to gain the therapy services they need. Think about it: all your students need to do is sit in front of a computer monitor and actively engage with the speech language pathologist on the other end. Many children find this much less intimidating and even fun.


Using an online speech therapy agency also will help save students and therapists both time and money traveling to and from the session, which frees up more valuable time for taking much needed care of your students.

Whether your school is in a rural area with little access to therapists or you’re simply in need of an extended network of therapists able to provide superb speech therapy sessions for your students, telepractice affords you incredible flexibility.


Who Should We Choose?


Global Teletherapy has been helping schools like yours find the best and brightest therapists to help your students receive the speech therapy services they so desperately need. Call us now to find out how we can help your school today: (888) 511-9395.