Academic Excellence Award

Application submissions have closed for 2021; however, we will begin accepting applications again on January 16, 2022.

$1,000 Merit-Based Scholarship

At Global Teletherapy, we understand and appreciate the daunting challenge of financing a college education, whether it be undergraduate or graduate school. For many students and their families this weight is just too much to bear. While we can’t alleviate the burden entirely, we do want to help.Families deserve an opportunity to provide their children with high-quality education without sinking into debt. Likewise, students deserve to spend their years in college unburdened by the worry of paying off loans after graduation. With these concerns in mind, Global Teletherapy is proud to help defray the rising costs of higher education. We are offering any current college or graduate school student who understands what it means to accept responsibility to improve his or her community the opportunity to earn a $1,000 merit-based scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to the winner of our essay contest. All eligible students, regardless of major, are encouraged to apply. See below for our eligibility requirements and additional details.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to participate in the scholarship contest, all applicants must meet the following criteria:


Must be enrolled in a college, university, or graduate school during the 2021-2022 academic year


Must be in good academic standing with his/her current educational institution


Must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA from the most recent transcript.


Must have permission from his/her parent or legal guardian if under 18


Must apply for the scholarship via the submission button and provide all of the following: full name, address, name of academic institution attending, PDF copy of applicant’s unofficial transcript, PDF copy of applicant’s essay with name on the document.

Essay Topic

All applicants must submit a 1,500+ word essay responding to the following:

The Global Teletherapy Academic Excellence Award is designed for students who understand the importance of bettering one’s self. Recount a time in 2020, when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, what did you learn from the experience, and how do you plan to help others from that experience?

Items to Consider:



Show your ability to overcome a challenge.


Describe your ability to navigate and utilize resources or support to overcome a challenge.


Mindsets about obstacles as growth opportunities rather than roadblocks.

Helpful tips for the essay:

  • Essay should have a title.
  • Don’t just Google an answer; we are looking for originality.
  • Be prepared to explain your assertions; be convincing.
  • Be sure your final copy is free of any technical errors (i.e. spelling and grammar).
  • Essays under 1,500 words will NOT be read and your application will be rejected.
  • The essay is NOT optional.
  • See our Grading Rubric here.


2020 Winner

Congratulations to Hannah Swift for winning the 2020 Academic Excellence Award!

2019 Winner

Congratulations to Maddie Helm for winning the 2019 Academic Excellence Award!

Female Global Teletherapy scholarship winner

2018 Winner

Congratulations to Rodney Aborigo for winning the 2018 Academic Excellence Award!

Global Teletherapy Scholarship Winner Rodney Aborigo

2017 Winner

Congratulations to Albert Appouh for winning the 2017 Academic Excellence Award!

Male Global Teletherapy Scholarship Winner Albert Appouh