Psychoeducational Assessments

A psychoeducational assessment is an assessment of a child’s intellectual and academic abilities. When combined with historical records, clinical interviews, and observations, a psychoeducational assessment will help identify how the student learns and how they may be struggling in the learning process.

Global Teletherapy provides online initial Psychoeducational Evaluations and follow-up reevaluations. Our school psychologists also complete Assessment Planning, Review of Records, and Functional Behavior Assessments for students. School psychologists utilize evaluation findings to make team-based decisions regarding a student’s eligibility for special education while having continued collaboration with school teams regarding IEP goals.

Online psychoeducational assessments are similar to those that are conducted face-to-face. Our experienced school psychologists are trained in using publisher-established platforms to provide reliable academic and cognitive testing. Virtual test administration training is based on research practices that have shown to provide similar testing results in assessments administered across in-person and virtual settings.

State-of-the-art technology allows school psychologists to use high-resolution, live video conferencing to perform psychoeducational assessments. Global Teletherapy’s comprehensive evaluations are completed using best practices in psychoeducational evaluation. These best practices are transferred to the online setting by integrating student’s existing data, virtual observations, interviews, diagnostic social history, and adaptive and/or behavioral assessments for K-12 students.

Teletherapy is simple, affordable, and reliable. Since today’s children are comfortable with computers and enjoy online interactions, teletherapy is also extremely engaging and increases the chances that a student will interact with the psychoeducational evaluation more naturally than with traditional face-to-face assessments.

Related service providers are available to complete virtual OT, Speech/Language, and Physical Therapy Assessments as well.

Why Choose Global Teletherapy for Psychoeducational Assessments?

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“…a therapist thanked us for providing these tools to them because she loves seeing their faces light up when she first shares the remote controls with them.”

SLP, Midwest School District

“We had a therapist that was very skeptical about moving to this 2 weeks ago and she expressed it to me multiple times in emails and meetings. She shared yesterday that she is using it and it is going amazing! This is the highlight of my week!”

SPED Director, Midwest School District

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