Online Physical Therapy Jobs

Online Physical Therapy is similar to therapy delivered in face-to-face sessions, and its implementation is easy for both the school and the children. K-12 students are serviced by licensed physical therapists. Therapy is focused on addressing the student’s IEP goals related to gross motor skills, range of motion, balance, body awareness and motor planning. Therapy is delivered via high-resolution, live video conferencing.

At Global Teletherapy, we provide the tools and resources including an online community, a specialized toolkit, and more.

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The Global Difference™

Engaging Community

An online team of friends, lead therapists, and dedicated school relationship managers help make your job easier.

Work-Life Balance

Manageable caseloads, no commute, and working when you have time helps you and your family grow.


Gain access to a complete online resource library of fun and engaging activities for you and your students to enjoy.


Get paid for your non-clinical time and no fees for assessments.

Spectacular Support

School relationship managers make sure things run smoothly and assist you in many administrative tasks.

Worthwhile Career

Competitive salary and supplemental pay for non-clinical hours, with less paperwork, make your career experiences rewarding. Isn’t that why you became a therapist?

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Online Physical Therapy Defined

Provided resources allow for higher levels of engagement
Seasoned physical therapists combine their skills and experience with the utilization of a special toolkit that the student and therapist use in tandem. The toolkit contains a variety of items (i.e. jump rope, theraband, balloons and other relevant items). Through this tangible modality as well as utilizing the student’s environment, the therapist engages the student in correcting deficiencies. Physical therapists utilize their training to provide the learning coach/school with training to facilitate carryover of skills.
Technology is integrated into physical therapy
The technology is simple, affordable, reliable, and extremely engaging. Today’s children are comfortable with computer interactions. Increased engagement means that the kids progress more rapidly and successfully toward their IEP goals, resulting in happy children, happy parents and happy school administrators.

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Are you looking for SLP teletherapy jobs or other online therapy careers? Join our network of highly-qualified virtual SLPs, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Mental Health Therapists, including Social Workers, School Psychologists, and licensed Counselors, enhancing children’s lives. Few telepractice companies have the passion Global Teletherapy has. We have a passion for providing our schools with therapists who provide the best service to their students, while allowing therapists to manage their own schedule and cut down on paperwork. Global Teletherapy allows therapists to have great work-life balance, excellent pay, zero commuting time, and more time to do what they love.