Online Speech Therapy 

The technology is simple, affordable, reliable, and extremely engaging.

Online speech therapy sessions are similar to face-to-face sessions and are very easy for both the children and the school. ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) accredited and licensed speech-language clinicians perform top-quality teletherapy speech services with K-12 students via high-resolution, live video conferencing. These seasoned therapists blend their skills and experience with an expanding array of games and tools available online. 

The number of schools and students are growing unabated. To keep pace, Global Teletherapy is continually adding more remote speech therapy professionals and customer relationship services.


Research has shown that telepractice (or teletherapy) is a promising service-delivery method for many treatments, including stuttering, autism spectrum disorders, and voice therapy.

The technology is simple, affordable, reliable, and extremely engaging. Today’s children are comfortable with computers and love game-based activities, video interactions, and digital learning. Plus, increased engagement means that many students will progress more rapidly and successfully toward their IEP goals, resulting in happy children, happy parents, and happy school administrators.

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Story Retell


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Conversational Rules

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