What are Online SLP Jobs?

Speech teletherapy jobs (also known as online speech therapy jobs) are when speech therapists interact with clients in a web-based venue. The SLP conducts the session much the same way as would be done face to face except instead of being physically in the same room, they are communicating over the Internet in real-time.


Modern technology has allowed for the hardware requirements to be relatively modest. You, the therapist, will only need a laptop with at least a 15 inch screen accompanied by a webcam and a headset that has a microphone attached. The video communication is generally provided through video conferencing software or hardware that is HIPAA compliant (e.g. GoToMeeting).


While these are the basics, online speech therapy jobs are often enhanced with peripheral devices. These include document cameras, add-on video input equipment for computer interfacing, or other types of auxiliary applications such as text chat, whiteboards, or screen sharing that engage the student and will expand the possibilities of any given session.


As the development of materials continues to accelerate, clinicians no longer need to strain to find that which is fresh and stimulating. While there is the challenge of presenting visual materials across via the web as effectively as face to face, even this can be solved quite simply by accessing the plethora of mobile apps and interactives now available.

Truthfully, selecting materials for speech teletherapy jobs is quite similar to that used for face-to-face therapy, as there are already many digital applications. Beyond this, however, is the brave new world of imaginative apps and web-based materials, many of which are on the cutting edge of innovation in both education and therapy.

Therapists can also create materials using readily accessible resources such as digital photos. When families snap and share photos with their mobile devices, this can initiate the formation of important alliances with clinicians, engaging parents in the process. Parents can take pictures of their child in activities and then with ease share these with clinicians for the creation of materials.


Telepractice offers numerous benefits for the therapist. In fact, it’s a dream come true!  First of all, an online speech therapy job offers you, the clinician, the opportunity to be your boss while simultaneously growing a career as an independent contractor. The hours are flexible; you can work either part-time or full-time.  And there is no need to travel.

Then, there is the satisfaction you will have knowing that students from around the country and even other parts of the world can be served, all within the comfort of your home. Since you can spend more time working with kids, less time in the car, in meetings, or doing paperwork, your productivity is bound to increase as well.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to manage your caseload and workload more efficiently, and say goodbye to all those forms that need to be signed and filed. Everything is online. As a bonus, you’ll join an expanding online community of innovative clinicians, exchanging ideas, and grow your skills in the exciting new area of telepractice.

So What are You Waiting For?

The acceptance and popularity for telepractice continue to grow by the month. As its reach expands, together with its increasing ease of implementation, it certainly behooves every speech therapist to take a good hard look at it, and ask, “Is it right for me?” Go ahead and ask it, you won’t be sorry you did!