Online Physical Therapy 

Increasing strength, healing, and flexibility.

At Global Teletherapy, our mission is to provide high quality physical teletherapy to schools. We provide tools and resources, including an online community, a specialized toolkit, and more to address many areas of concern, including physical therapy.

High resolution, live video conferencing makes it possible for schools and children K-12 to be serviced remotely by licensed physical therapists. Physical therapy plans and treatments delivered online, like face-to-face sessions, will focus on addressing a student’s IEP goals related to gross motor skills, range of motion, balance, body awareness and motor planning.

Our seasoned physical therapists use their experience and skills alongside enjoyable toolkits containing items specifically designed to enhance the therapy. The technology is simple and affordable, and, most importantly, engaging for kids. With today’s kids being most comfortable online, teletherapy Increases their participation and engagement, allowing them to progress more rapidly toward their specific IEP goals.

The result of our online physical therapy process? Happy parents, happy children, and happy school administrators. See why Global Teletherapy is the online physical therapy solution your students need with a free consultation and demonstration.

Why Choose Global Teletherapy for Online Physical Therapy?

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