As a school administrator, it will be difficult not to spend at least some of your remaining vacation time preparing for the new school year, which is now only weeks away. You probably know all too well that your planning needs to take into consideration the preparation of your teachers, therapists, and clinicians performing teletherapy as well.

Similarly, organizing and planning is only half the story. What about your teachers and teletherapy clinicians who are still exhausted and on the verge of burnout from the busy year that just ended? How can you improve your performance, while enhancing their efforts in the classroom and in those critical therapy sessions?

Here are some time-proven tips to make the most out of yours and their last few days of basking in the summer sun. Why not try some of them while there is still time?

1. Assess, review and celebrate – Before you get too wrapped up in next year, take a deep breath and celebrate those moments and accomplishments that you and your staff enjoyed over the past year. More than just a pat on the back, this focus will energize you and help to identify what to keep and what to discard.


2. Assure that your remote therapy and other goals are achievable – Once you identify what needs to be improved, you are ready to establish goals that are both specific and achievable. Don’t remain in that nebulous realm of generalities, but get specific knowing that anything can be modified throughout the year.


3. Communicate and connect– It isn’t too late to contact other principals to share your questions and ideas for the coming school year. Whether by phone or online make sure that you have those critical communications before it is too late. Aside from new ideas, the interaction may ignite your passion for the coming year.


4. Time for exploration – Sometimes you need to try something new and exciting. During the busy school year, there isn’t the opportunity to investigate new ideas or techniques. Though there isn’t much time left, now is the perfect moment to explore that new and innovative teletherapy solution that may have a powerful impact.


5. Begin anew with a clean slate – As you watch students moving to the next grade, be mindful that the children see themselves as older and bigger.  Be sure to keep this in mind as you interact with them. What’s more, force yourself to allow the disappointments and frustrations from last year to fade away so you can start fresh.


6. Recharge and rejuvenate – Although you don’t have a lot of time, use this last little bit to relax with friends and family, maximizing those stress-free moments. Exercise, go boating, ride a bike, or go somewhere beautiful to get your head out of the work before you need to return to your office. Enjoy and re-energize to return strong.


7. Allow yourself to feel the excitement!– Take the time to develop an enthusiastic and positive mindset before you walk through the school doors for the first time. Let your excitement and enthusiasm be the foundation for your best year so far.

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