Our very own Howard Goode recently published a groundbreaking e-book on teletherapy designed to help school districts and school administrators better understand how teletherapy can help their students.

Teletherapy is the online delivery of therapy services via secure, two-way video conferencing. Sessions are nearly identical to traditional speech sessions except for one thing: Instead of sitting together in the same room, students and therapists interact online.

The book, which is entitled Teletherapy Diminishes Client Engagement: Debunking the Myths, skillfully debunks three well-known myths about teletherapy. The three myths are that: (1) technical problems compromise online therapy, (2) client engagement will suffer without in-person sessions, and (3) teletherapy sacrifices the client-therapist relationship.

Through the use of detailed research and concrete evidence, Mr. Goode shines the light of truth on all three of these and exposes them to be inaccurate while simultaneously easing the minds of school administrators thinking about hiring teletherapists.

Alan Goode, CEO of Global Teletherapy, explained: “Our goal in writing this e-book was to help ease the worries of school administrators across the country and to expose some of the most common myths preventing them from getting involved with teletherapy.”

In the first section, the book reveals that technological glitches can easily be avoided with enough preparation, a high-quality webcam, and having a great internet connection.

Later on in the book, the author reveals a huge insight: “In truth, many of the problems afflicting client engagement in the online venue aren’t related to the online venue at all but are problems inherent to therapy, and would be present even if the therapy was delivered face-to-face.”

Lastly, by pointing out two landmark studies in the therapy arena, Debunking the Myths shows that clients tend to participate more in online therapy sessions and are more engaged than in offline, in-person sessions. Download your FREE copy today: https://globalteletherapy.com/request-ebook.