We live in a world that sees digital innovations creeping into every area of both our professional and personal lives. And as unpredictable as many of these changes may be in general, in certain areas such as education and therapy (such as the advent of teletherapy), the future is quite uncertain.

While an exhaustive review is beyond the scope of this blog, we will focus on one particular area; how school administrators can adequately inspire and motivate teachers and online therapy clinicians in today’s rapidly changing school environment.

1. Respect your teachers and teletherapy clinicians

It should come as no surprise that respecting your staff is the very top of the list. However what may come as a surprise is that while you may think you are giving them enough respect, in reality, you may be not.

Just as teachers are well aware of what language will either nurture or derail a relationship with a student, principals need to know much the same regarding how to connect with their teachers. The rules, while quite simple, are not always easy to implement- respectful and positive language, showing genuine concern about their observations, interests, and suggestions. Don’t just show respect, but honestly feel it!

2. You want your space, give them theirs

You must understand is that your teachers are leaders. How else could they be expected to run of a class of 20-30 children on a daily basis without regular disruptions? As such give them the room to develop their lesson plans within the parameters of curricula set by the district.

According to research conducted by Education Week, teachers who are permitted to have control over their work attain higher performance levels which directly raises their students as a result.

3. Provide them the tools they need to succeed

Assuming that you want your teachers and therapists such as teletherapy clinicians to be successful with the various types of students with whom they are charged, you will need to maintain realistically sized classes and the necessary supplies.

Whether the particular needs are visual, auditory, or tactile, any way you look at it, those materials, supplies, games, and even evaluation tools, will be needed. Granted that there will be districts that can’t afford to supply their teachers and therapists. But at least you can advocate for them to find alternative solutions, or at the very least be genuinely empathetic to their plight!

4. Nurture the inherent greatness of your teachers and therapists

Teachers and therapists by their very nature are lifelong learners with an abundant desire to grow and become more. This is why professional development is essential not only for its practical benefits for the students but to the touch and enliven the very souls of your teachers and therapists.

While it may stretch your budget, the rewards you will reap from investing in seminars or webinars that are focused on cutting-edge education technologies, pedagogical theories, or developments in the various therapeutic fields are immeasurable.


While these suggestions are based upon research and have proven successful; this list is by no means exhaustive. For the genuinely interested administrator, the ideas above will be a catalyst to explore and brainstorm other innovations that will carry their students to new levels of success by way of empowering their most valuable resource- the dedicated teachers and therapists, such as teletherapy clinicians.

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