There are basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to landing any job. However, searching for a job in a specialized field that requires a degree and licensure always has unique steps to follow.

Landing a speech therapist job in a school can be quite tough, but if you read this post and really internalize it, you’ll be well on your way to success.

We’re going to discuss three big things: 1) how to land a job as a speech therapist, 2) how to land a job in a school district, and 3) the basics of how to land any job generally. The combination of these three ideas pack the perfect punch that can help you secure a job as a speech therapist in a school in no time.

The Basics

In order to land any job, be sure to have all your ducks in a row. Make sure your resume is complete, polished, error proof, and updated. Have several copies printed up and ready to distribute if need be.

Also, make a list of all potential employers and how to access their job listings. Are they online? Perhaps they’re old school and only advertise openings in print media. Every school district is different, so be sure to understand the mechanics of the application process for each one.

This might come as a surprise, but it might even be a good idea to apply for a position at a school even when they’re not advertising any openings just yet. Life is full of unexpected surprises and just because a school district typically hires via yearly contract does not mean that extenuating circumstances will not cause one of those contracts to have to be broken. You might be exactly what they’re looking for! Sending a brief resume and cover letter could be exactly what keeps you in the running if they need clinicians mid-year.

Don’t Take “No” For An Answer

One of the main attributes hiring managers seek in potential employees is eagerness. A less experienced employee with a strong sense of eagerness will typically outperform a more experienced employee with a laissez faire attitude about the job. Desire to succeed translates into a valuable employee and employers know this!

If you’re trying to gain even more experience, try doing speech therapy part-time or even as an intern to get your foot in the door. Not every school is hiring, but the one you really want to work for might be in dire need of interns. Making yourself visible will give you an edge when a speech therapist job does indeed open up and the hiring staff sees a familiar face.

Ask Questions

If you’re fortunate enough to earn an interview, there are some pertinent questions to ask (above and beyond the usual questions about time, leave, benefits, and pay.)

Here are some really helpful questions to ask during your speech therapy interview:

  1. What is the size of the typical caseload?
  2. Are therapy materials provided?
  3. How would my time be split between therapy and evaluations?
  4. Am I allotted time to complete paperwork and how much paperwork is expected of me?
  5. What is the minimum/maximum level of productivity expected?

The above steps and considerations are the expressway to landing a job as a speech therapist in a school district. While schools do typically hire on a yearly basis, this does not mean that openings will not arise mid-year. Do not become frustrated. Stay the course and follow the steps above and you will be working in a school district as a speech therapist in the shortest amount of time possible.

Remember, another great way to land a speech therapist job in a school is to become an online speech therapist with Global Teletherapy. You’ll get to work remotely, have the flexibility you always wanted, and still have the job of your dreams helping children in a school setting who need it the most.