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COVID-19 and the Impact on Children’s Long-Term Social Development

The Impact May Vary

The entire notion of social distancing has become quite a daunting challenge for all of us. This is perhaps especially so for parents who have now become the primary outlet for their children’s socialinteraction.

And as we are looking at the possibility of maintaining social distancing for an extended period due to COVID-19, parents, teachers, those who deliver online speech therapy, and other clinicians are probably wondering how this “prolonged recess” from other children could affect the long-term social development of the children in their care.

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Visit our blog for the latest in our COVID-19 Response.

Therapist of the Month

Shula Hus

Shula is our Lead SLP Assessor for Inspire. She has taken on many responsibilities, some of them being close to 100 Assessments for review in a very short period of time, provided support to all new SLP assessors, as well as created training videos and step by step Assessment Guidelines for Inspire. She has done this all while continuing on with a very positive demeanor. We appreciate you Shula!

Here’s a little more about Shula:

She grew up in the Midwest and moved out to the east coast for schooling. She received her Master’s Degree fromBrooklyn College. She has been working in the SLP field for over 12 years. Shula started off in brick and mortar working with preschool and school-age special education. She has been working telepractice for 4 years. She developed her expertise in the field of assessments, especially school-based via telepractice. Shula is currently the lead for the Inspire/GT assessment team- the responsibilities of this include conducting assessments and peer-reviewing the team’s reports for eligibility. When Shula is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 5 children.


School of the Month

As we have worked with Tennessee Virtual Academy, we have noticed that they are a pleasure to work with! Flexible, positive, appreciative, approachable, and responsive. They always send us “shout outs” and positive feedback regarding our therapists. They also have a school psychologist Jennifer Hixton who is amazing and helps bridge collaboration between our therapists and the IEP multidisciplinary team which really sets them apart.

Here’s a little bit about Tennessee Virtual Academy:

Tennessee Virtual Academy, a nonprofit public school, is a full-time online school offered through Union County

Public Schools, serving students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. TNVA follows all state accountability standards and requirements, and uses Tennesseecertified teachers who provide instruction and support. The school offers flexible and personalized programs adaptable for all types of learners, including students with special needs, medical challenges, and others who struggled in traditional brick-and-mortar schools.


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Our experts in Speech-Language, Mental Health, Occupational Therapy, and remote management will be creating two minute (or less!) videos with helpful tips on each of their disciplines to make your virtual life easier. These videos will help you gain insights on ergonomics, managing remote workforces, dealing with isolation, and more! Our tips will be going out every Tip Tuesday on LinkedInso make sure you follow #2MinTips and Global Teletherapy!


Student Support Sessions

As the number of homebound students grows exponentially every day, we want to ensure that students remain engaged and healthy. Our therapists will be providing complimentary “Support Sessions” to the country’s youth. These ½ hour Support Sessions will be held daily through June. They will range in age formats to discuss specific concerns. The group sessions will focus on keeping the students calm and engaged while homebound due to the current situation. Watch all our sessions here.

Train Your Therapists

At Global Teletherapy, we believe the best way we can support school-based clinical teams during these unprecedented times is to provide them with the resources they need to move their services online – quickly, efficiently and professionally. Using our tried-and-true online platform specially designed for students K-12, therapists can continue to deliver speech and occupational therapy, counseling, social skills and psychological services to students in their homes during these mandated closings. Contact us for more information here.

Recent Events

Tech and Learning: 2020 Future-Proofing Your District Plan Conference

It was so great to get to talk to everyone at Tech and Learning’s most recent conference! Visit our virtual booth here! This was the first virtual conference that we have ever been to so we were very excited! Lindsey Kucich, our Lead Mental Health Therapist, spoke in the Leadership Lounge, we were one of the main sponsors of the event, and we got to participate in their wonderful Passport to Prizes event! Thank you for having us, Tech and Learning!

SPEDtalk with Lindsey

Have you seen SPEDtalk with Lindsey? We go live on Tuesday’s on our Facebook page! In each episode, we have a guest come on and speak about a topic that they excel in. Here is one of our recent episodes with Lesley Geyer talking about Sensory Needs!

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