With the entire world buzzing about the meteoric growth of online speech therapy, perhaps it’s time to ask, “Is it really worth it? Is online speech therapy reliable?” “Do the benefits outweigh the problems?” Are you wondering if the technology is really reliable? You’ll find that question addressed in Global Teletherapy’s Complete Guide to Online Speech Therapy, page 5.

A significant objection to, or let’s face it, “fear,” of online speech therapy is that since it is computer-based, the entire success or failure of the session rises or falls on the flawless performance of the technology.

This fear reveals a considerable misunderstanding of the technology itself, as well as the care taken by quality online agencies in assuring the smooth delivery of the therapy. Truthfully, the technical requirements are relatively modest compared to the many other online activities that most of us engage in daily.

Video communication only requires the use of a computer, webcam, video conferencing software, secure web-based programs, a headset or speakers, and an internet connection.

And yet that “fear” often boils down to one thing— connectivity. If anything could jeopardize the session, it is weak or erratic connectivity. However, if the download speed is calibrated correctly, the connection should be optimal for the session and screen sharing. Also, a hardwired connection is optimal in a shared Wi-Fi environment.

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