Principals generally aren’t in the position to lavish their teachers and teletherapy clinicians with expensive gifts or handsome raises, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have within their power to significantly help and uplift those who work for them. Happiness isn’t always about the dollar. Sometimes it isn’t about the dollar at all.

Often school administrators don’t realize the power that they carry in their voices. There is power in that voice and in the words that they choose to say. It happens to be that one of the simplest and most effective ways to bring happiness to teachers and therapists such as teletherapy clinicians is by sharing positive messages.

Let’s face it. The continuous focus on student success, school accountability, and other measurements of performance can inadvertently cause even the most talented and dedicated principal to neglect the humanity of the people working for him. But it must be remembered that creating a happy environment is essential to the school’s success.

How is That Done?

The answer requires us to draw upon some of the latest research as to what creates happiness, both short-term and long-term. Whereas buying what you want or being given a gift can satisfy temporarily, it is those things that produce feelings of pleasantness beyond the moment that create a more sustained sense of happiness.

Since most of us spend substantial time at our jobs, it would follow that people who enjoy and feel good about their job have done much towards attaining happiness. What about a job will create that happiness? Research shows that those who feel they are giving back to the world through their work have a sustainable level of satisfaction.

Thank Your Teachers and Teletherapy Clinicians

Teachers and therapists such as online therapy clinicians are giving back every day they come to school. But do they know what a difference they are making? Your job as principal is to let them know it. All it requires is a genuine thank you, that isn’t just general gratitude, but something specific about what they have done.

Acknowledge Their Contribution

Aside from saying thank you for your teachers and therapists efforts, you need to reinforce how much they matter to the overall success of the school. While their contribution may small on a macro level, it is indispensable nonetheless. Let your teacher or therapist know when you appreciated the way a situation was handled.

Admit When You are Wrong

You may be an excellent principal, but you aren’t perfect. Research shows that when a principal admits a fault and takes responsibility for a problem, this is a sign of true greatness. Aside from revealing your humanity, accepting blame creates an environment where risk-taking is safe. Perhaps the teacher or teletherapy clinicians mistake was borne of you not providing everything necessary to succeed.

Soliciting Input

Four simple words can have a world of impact. “What do you think” Encouraging teachers and teletherapy clinicians to find solutions to problems and giving them their due credit for it reinforces their contribution to the school’s success and incentivizes them to provide more of themselves in the future.

It may seem counterintuitive but embracing others to share in leadership catapults you into becoming a more dynamic and effective leader. Asking “What do you think” is the place to begin. And don’t think this necessarily requires you to implement their idea. The key is that you have displayed your interest and recognized their importance.

Happiness Doesn’t Need to be so Expensive

Keep in my mind that most of the people who teach and provide therapy went into those fields because they want to help, and make a difference in other people’s lives. Embrace that desire, and you will find that your career in administration will become more effective, rewarding and enjoyable.

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