We Want to Help You Right Now!

Due to our unique role in children’s K-12 education, we feel a responsibility to do what we can to help schools, therapists, and students during the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. In this spirit, Global Teletherapy, a leader in the delivery of remote therapy, has adopted a three-pronged approach to assist.

First of all, we are offering online webinars, essentially support sessions, to help mitigate the anxiety being experienced by the thousands of students and their parents who are quarantined around the country. These webinars, geared to students and parents from all three of our disciplines, speech, occupational and mental health therapies, are given by our very experienced therapists who have donated their time for this effort.

Second, we are offering online therapy training to assist school-based clinical teams in moving their services online quickly, efficiently, and professionally. This online training, by enabling remote therapy, could minimize the disruption of services for thousands of children who are in danger of being left without necessary therapy during these difficult times.

And finally, our blogs posted on The Global Hub, Global Teletherapy’s blog page, during this time will be devoted exclusively to content offering inspiration and practical guidance to help quell the increased anxiety that we are feeling through the spread of this pandemic.

Support Sessions

As the number of homebound students grows, we want to ensure that students remain engaged and healthy. Our therapists will be providing complimentary “Support Sessions” to the country’s youth.

These 20-30 minute on-demand Support Sessions will be held on weekdays, daily through June. They will range in age formats to discuss specific concerns. The sessions will focus on keeping students calm and engaged while homebound due to the current situation.

To view a pre-recorded session, click on one of the links below. If you wish to register to attend a future session, click here to access our Support Sessions Landing Page. (Parental permission is required).

1. Discussing COVID-19 with Young Children

Join Global Teletherapy’s Managing Lead Therapist, Lynne Inabnitt, SLP, for a webinar that will cover approaches to discussing COVID-19 with young children. Hear how to use thoughtful and age-appropriate language to explain the pandemic and support young children during this challenging time.

2. Conquering Cabin Fever with Under the Sea Yoga 

In this webinar hosted by OT, Traci Gerner, students will be shown a variety of sea life animal yoga poses to enhance flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness, mood, relaxation, and calming. It is led by one of our occupational therapists and is geared for ages 5 & up.

3. STAYCATION and CABIN FEVER: Using complex and abstract vocabulary to define and describe the home-experience during COVID-19

This webinar, hosted by SLP, Hannah Werner, will explore using conceptual vocabulary to express the novel experiences and emotions students are encountering during this time. It is led by one of our speech-language pathologists and is recommended for early elementary age students.

4. My Senior Year was Canceled! Now What?

This webinar, hosted by one of our mental health professionals, Amy Donovan, will address the unique experience of High School seniors who are feeling like their senior year has been canceled. We will discuss perspective-taking, what’s real and what isn’t, and how to cope with the loss of experiences to which they have been looking forward. Parents are also invited to attend.

5. Social Distancing for Teens

This webinar will focus on the challenge of social distancing, social isolation, and quarantine or “shelter in place” for teens. We will discuss what it means, why it’s important, what it doesn’t mean, and how to maintain meaningful social connections and relationships with peers while also being proactive and smart.

6. How to be flexible, resilient and work as a team

These webinars will focus on what resilience is, how to ask questions, build flexibility and work together with others to meet needs in creative ways.

7. Worries, and Maintaining Control When You Feel Out of Control

These webinars will focus on the critical jobs that our emotions do for us, how to recognize escalating emotions, and how to take care of our needs so that problems can be solved.

Online Therapy Training

Experience The Global Difference™ at your school!

Schools across the nation and around the world have wisely closed as we attempt to work to slow the spread of COVID-19. Of the many challenges that accompany these school closings, school-based clinical teams face one of the most pressing: how to continue to provide speech-language, occupational, and behavioral health therapies to homebound students during this public health crisis.

At Global Teletherapy, we believe the best way we can support school-based clinical teams during these unprecedented times is to provide them online therapy training and the resources they need to deliver remote therapy – quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Using our tried-and-true online platform specially designed for students K-12, therapists can continue to deliver speech and occupational therapy, counseling, social skills, and psychological services to students in their homes during these mandated closings.

See our webinar training session to better understand how we can help.

Here’s How Our Training Works

1. A technician will set up and test the platform to ensure students and therapists can sign on to the videoconferencing session and provide strong technical support throughout the process.

2. One of our lead therapists will provide training in online services as well as how to provide online evaluations, ongoing customer service, and support.

3. Clinicians have access to the website, video conferencing/screen-sharing software, and assessment tools, the requisites of remote therapy. Also available is a library of online resources, including games and activities targeting a wide variety of goals and age groups, and the opportunity to collaborate with a network of other tele-practitioners.

Global Teletherapy’s responsive communication, personal attention, and concern for detail have made us a leader in the online therapy training industry. We stand ready to assist you as you work to offer remote therapy to preserve continuity of care, maintain progress, and provide reassurance to homebound students during these challenging times.

The Global Hub

Generally, our blogs posted on The Global Hub cover a wide variety of topics of interest to both the therapeutic and educational communities. However, given our unprecedented circumstances, we decided to shift our focus to offer inspiration and practical guidance to help quell the increased anxiety that we are feeling through the spread of this pandemic.

We hope that our content will be helpful during this time of crisis.