For Parents – Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Child’s Telespeech Therapy Sessions

by Valeri Scheps, MSCCC/SLP


  1. Know your child’s goals! Every child who receives speech therapy has an Individualized Education Plan which outlines their specific goals.  Your child will make more progress when the team collaborates!
  2. Be available-Therapy time should be used for the ‘important’ stuff, like practicing sounds or working on vocabulary. When a parent or grownup is present to help with technology or any ‘glitches’ that arise, then those precious therapy minutes can be used for just that–therapy. And, carryover happens more often when a loving grownup listens to the focus of the session and monitors progress.
  3. Practice, practice, practice! Speech therapy is so important to learn those special new skills, but unless they are practiced in your child’s everyday environment, they will not become natural. Ask for speech homework!
  4. Maintain/update your equipment-If your equipment or wifi isn’t working, then there might not be a session at all! Staying on top of your equipment needs is vital to your child’s session and consistent growth.  Ask your child’s school or SLP to do a ‘test run’ so all systems are ready.
  5. Be on time! Your child’s speech therapy time (and your time) is valuable. Being on time and prepared insures that your child will get every minute to which they are entitled. Having a consistent schedule is helpful.
  6. Share information-Parents, you know the most when it comes to your child, so please communicate with your child’s SLP. Have there been any health changes? Any new skills learned? Updates from school? If you think it is important for us to know, then we do, too!!
  7. Life happens! Sometimes, situations arise that are out of your control, and they can affect session attendance or availability. Communication is the key!  Make sure that you have your SLP’s contact information so that you can let him/her know when your child won’t be coming to speech therapy or a new appointment is needed.