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It is National School Counseling Week! Thank you to all of our wonderful school counselors for all that you do for Global Teletherapy. We appreciate you!

Congratulations to our scholarship winner!

Hannah Swift

GT’s 2020 scholarship winner, Hannah Swift, shared her inspiring journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.
Hannah wrote how she believes self-improvement and character development requires the ability to embrace new relationships and the willingness to apply lessons learned from personal experience and the experiences of others. She related how she took opportunities to interact with those from other cultures and backgrounds. Hannah is currently a junior at Clemson University in South Carolina with ambitions of becoming a physical therapist to help bring joy to children and to maximize their potential. GT would be privileged to one day have Hannah on our team.

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Global Teletherapy’s Blog

Pandemic Parenting: A Looming Mental Health Crisis Demanding Attention

mother holding boy

“I had the worst day of this entire pandemic yesterday…” — father of two young girls.

Forthright statements like this indicate that many parents are reaching their breaking points. This particular father is working full-time remotely from his home while simultaneously trying to manage his daughter’s hybrid homeschool schedule.

And he’s not alone. The cumulative impact of this unresolved situation can lead to an increased stress level over time. What’s more, accumulated stress can render previously successful coping skills far less effective over time.

Some parents report that they are drinking more alcohol than they ever have before in their life. For many, this has become a nightly activity. While they are fully aware that they are “self-medicating,” they feel that they have no other choice in their desperate attempt to cope with their current work/life/school/children challenges.

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Therapist of the Month

Jennifer L., M.S., CCC-SLP

Jennifer has been with Global Teletherapy since the beginning of the school year and has taken on a case management role. She is always positive, proactive, detail-oriented, and extremely flexible, even in challenging situations. Jennifer has shown diligence, pro-action, and concern for the well-being of her students as she works with her school to create protocols and designate responsibilities for case-management tasks. Thank you for everything you do for GT, Jennifer!


Here’s a little more about Jennifer:

I have been a speech-language pathologist for a little over 15 years.  Before joining GT this summer I had worked in a brick and mortar public school, specializing in preschool over the past 9 years. I received my B.S. from Indiana University and my M.S. from Vanderbilt University. I currently reside in southern Indiana with my husband and 4 kids. I love the balance that teletherapy has offered for me to be present with my own children (9yr, 7yr, 5yr, and 2yr), time to work on building my own private practice, and the opportunity to provide individualized therapy to children virtually. When not working I love a good book, traveling, and trying out new recipes. 

School of the Month

Congratulations to Cyber Academy of South Carolina for being awarded February School of the Month! They have been wonderful to work with and here are some ways how. The staff is responsive to any questions and will be accommodating to schedules for IEP meetings. The parents have been awesome to work with as they are highly invested in their child. There is a good workflow between teachers, administration, parents, students, and therapists. Our January therapist of the month, Sharon W., has said it is an honor to be their Global Teletherapy Occupational therapist!

Here’s a little more about Cyber Academy of South Carolina:

At Cyber Academy of South Carolina (CASC), your child can learn in the ways that are right for them— at home, on the road, or wherever there’s an internet connection. The individual student is the most important person in any school—traditional, charter, virtual, or private. At CASC, they focus on the individual needs, desires, and interests of students and families, and will do everything they can to help students reach their academic goals.

Our Vlog, Globally Focused: OT Intervention

Check out our new Vlog series, Globally Focused: OT Intervention! Traci Gerner, MS OTR/L, gives wonderful tips, activities, and more on how to improve OT skills in this new series of videos! You don’t want to miss it. Get this great free resource here!

Welcome to our new schools!

Let’s welcome Meade County Schools and Dorchester School District 4, who joined the Global Teletherapy team in the last month! We are so excited to have you here!


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Upcoming Events

MassCUE – Lindsey Kucich will be speaking at MassCUE this year! MassCUE will be going on from February 9th-12th. 

Council for Exceptional Children-  CEC L.I.V.E. will be going on from March 8th-13th. Lynne Inabnitt, Shelly Morris, and Hannah Werner will be presenting!

DLAC- We will be back at DLAC for our second year in a row. It will be going on virtually and in-person in Austin, Texas. Come see our booth! 

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