What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the delivery of speech, occupational, physical, and mental health therapy through an online, video conferencing medium. Similar to a video chat, a therapist and student engagement with activities and discussions to assist in individual or group therapies remotely. This is a highly effective way of mitigating staffing shortages throughout the country.

Global Teletherapy recruits and manages high-quality therapists, ensuring that they are certified, licensed and trained to work with your K-12 students.

For a Definitive Guide to Teletherapy, please download the free guide.

Teletherapy offers the following benefits:

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Improved timeliness of sessions
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced wait times
  • Accessibility to more students, especially in remote areas

Additionally, with telepractice you may obtain a more qualified therapist as well as cost savings associated with the therapies, depending on the region.

How does teletherapy compare to traditional on-site therapy?

There is little difference between traditional on-site therapy and online teletherapy. We live in a world that has telemedicine and virtual schools, so it is a natural progression. A student will build a relationship with the therapist based on trust and rapport. A face to face connection is made on the screen and the therapy is delivered in a similar manner. The therapist will engage on the screen with the student by the use of games, tactile items or talk therapy assistance- similar to how they would in person. Should something need to be printed, or a student needs physical help, a parent or paraprofessional may be enlisted for help.

What are the technical requirements for teletherapy?

All you need is an internet connection and a laptop or computer with a webcam and audio connection. You will be walked through the steps for setup and we will make sure everything works before therapy begins.

Student privacy is our utmost concern. All student data and information is secure and protected in our system, as it is confidential and encrypted. All connections are secure, following HIPAA standards.

How does Global Teletherapy’s staffing approach promote consistency?

After the Global Teletherapy liaison and the school communicate regarding specific needs, the student or caseload of students will be assigned to a clinician for therapy. GT makes every attempt to keep that therapist with the student for the duration of the therapy to promote consistent progress built on trust. In the event that a new therapist is needed, GT takes care to ensure a smooth transition. With the help of an active customer service department, GT seamlessly assigns and orients a new therapist while communicating effectively to the schools and families. This communication is the hallmark of our service.

Why is there a need for teletherapy?

Approximately 10% of school-aged children require special education or therapy. That is between 6-7 million students, a number that grows every day. The majority of these students need speech-language, occupational, physical or mental health therapy, of which there is a huge shortage of clinicians. Rural areas are hit even harder. Mental health therapy is more necessary than ever in schools, with natural and “unnatural” disasters plaguing the US.

With a shortage of therapists, coupled with the tendency for qualified professionals to leave the schools due to mountains of paperwork and caseloads, schools are scrambling to find qualified clinicians to remain compliant with government mandates. GT helps ease the stress associated with finding qualified people to support their students.

What is the impact of the therapist shortage?

Schools are constantly scrambling for qualified therapists to handle the ever-growing caseload of students. Larger caseloads mean higher direct and indirect costs, and the students miss out, as they endure extended wait times without getting the help they need during a critical period of development..

Special education teachers, school counselors, social workers, and clinicians leave the field due to the mounting paperwork and burnout.

How is Global Teletherapy addressing this problem?

Global Teletherapy (GT) staffs schools with extremely qualified speech-language pathologist, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and mental health professionals to step in and fill vacancies. They lift the barriers for students to be seen quickly and provide what’s needed without the geographic, time, or physical obstacles that commonly occur with in-person therapy. GT recruits therapists and monitors them for quality assurance. GT therapists have reasonable caseloads that create an atmosphere for growth. The customer service department makes the entire system easier for the school, the therapist, and ultimately the students.

How are online sessions supervised?

An onsite e-helper, learning coach, or paraprofessional supervises the interactions and provides printed materials or items necessary for effective therapy. For virtual schools, a parent, guardian, or learning coach assist the student. Adhering to all school policies, older children may need little to no supervision.

Therapists are observed once a year by lead therapists for quality control purposes.

How else do schools benefit from online therapy?

Global Teletherapy staffs hand-picked clinicians that can be tailored to the student. This assists with language and cultural barriers that may be difficult for the school to accommodate with their current staff.

The school also has fewer people to supervise, as GT provides a dedicated representative to deal with all clinical matters. This leads to streamlined paperwork, fewer performance reviews, and a smoother daily routine for school administrators.

Why is teletherapy a good option for therapists?

Therapists should do what they love to do. This translates to excellent therapy in the long run.

You did not sign up for mountains of paperwork; you got into therapy to make a difference. Telepractice will help you pursue your passion and give you:

  • Flexible schedules
  • No commutes
  • Less paperwork
  • Better work-life balance

How do I apply for a job with Global Teletherapy?

You may apply on our website. There is a button that says APPLY – it will take you to a listing of career opportunities. Just click a position, fill out the application and upload your resume and credentials. A recruiter will reach out soon and you will be on your way.

What can Global Teletherapy offer me that other companies won’t?

GT gives their therapists the resources and community necessary to do their jobs with ease. They have a whole department dedicated to making the therapists’ professional lives easier. At Global Teletherapy, you’ll enjoy:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Freedom to work from wherever you are at the moment
  • Free access to assessments and resources
  • An active online community of excellent professionals
  • EMR software that streamlines and monitors IEP data
  • A competitive pay rate with 25% extra for documentation and prep time

How many hours do I need to work at a minimum?

You will need to be available a minimum of 10 hours a week. By obtaining cross licensure in more than 1 state, you can build your caseload that much quicker.

Does GT supply activities and toys for therapy?

GT provides an online resource platform for therapists to get activities and games for use in telepractice. Occupational therapists and their students receive a “tool kit” with items that are commonly used in school-based occupational therapy. It could include tactical and fun resources, such as scissors, silly putty, pencils, pom-poms, handwriting sheets, crayons, squishy balls, and the like. Since both teacher and student have the same items, they can interact with ease.

How do online therapists communicate with teachers and parents?

Online therapists communicate with teachers and parents according to the school’s protocol or IEP mandates. Usually, reports will go out on a quarterly basis to the schools via GT’s acclaimed customer service professionals. Parents may request information as often as they would like.

How do kids feel about online therapy?

Children have grown up in an electronic age and this kind of therapy is quite natural and fun for them. Computer-based learning and game-based activities online are less intimidating to the student and lead to a comfortable interaction. Therapy becomes a fun and enjoyable pastime rather than a chore for the students.

What kind of therapist will work with my child?

You can be assured that a qualified therapist with at least two years of experience and certifications and licensures will be available to your child. GT puts therapists through screenings, trainings, testing, and monitoring so that they can give your child the best therapy available.

How will I keep track of child’s progress?

Parents work closely with therapists and are welcome to progress updates as often as they would like. Schools typically require quarterly progress reports, but parents may request data more frequently than that if they prefer.

If a parent is in attendance, a GT therapist will inform them when a goal is met so that they can celebrate successes together with their child.

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