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It permeates everything we do.

Expert Therapists – The average Global Teletherapy therapist has 11-14 years experience in speech, language, occupational or mental health therapy. 25% of our mental health professionals have doctoral degrees. Think about how this expertise can help your students, regardless of the zip codes they reside.

Excellent Customer Service – Dedicated school liaisons assist school districts with IEP details, scheduling conflicts, paperwork dissemination and keeping schools focused on what they do best.

District Training – Global Teletherapy trains distinct therapists to have consistent and effective therapy.

We look forward to sharing how our remote therapy experts can help your special education department. Sign up for your free private consultation today.

What to expect

  • Please fill out the short form and our dedicated representative will reach out and set up a time to meet with you
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  • You will get a private demonstration of our teletherapy process
  • All of your questions about teletherapy and the Global Teletherapy process will be answered
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