Without a doubt, the school year that is drawing to an end has had more than its share of challenging moments. And there is no doubt that there are more to come when you return next year. That is why it is in the best interest of every speech therapist to find those speech therapy activities that will maximize the learning moments to come, to enable your students to succeed – whether in person or learning online.

With that thought in mind, the list below has been created as a reference to draw upon as a means to turn that desire into a reality.  Not only are these effective learning tools, but they are also fun and will put smiles on your students’ faces. And don’t limit these resources to your sessions; therapists highly recommend them for playtime as well.

9 Articulation Games

1. Picture Reveal

Select any picture you want to use from the internet then upload it and choose the number of trials you want your student to complete.

2. Quia Games Articulation

There are currently over 100 articulation games covering multiple sounds. Play games, such as battleship, hangman, jumbled words, java games, and challenge boards.

3. Digital Spinners

Spinners include Vocalic R, R-Blends, Prevocalic R, S & S-Blends, Z, L & L-Blends, TH, SH, CH, J, F, V, K, G. Created by: Fun in Speech.

4. 100 Articulation Trials for Back to School

Download and use virtually using the Create Digital Activity with TpT’s interactive layer tools.

5. Boom Cards

Therapists, teachers, and parents across the country recommend Boom Cards.  Boom Cards are essentially interactive lessons that have been created by teachers in a gamified way. Since the features are so similar to gaming, Boom Cards keep the students engaged in these online speech activities.

One of the automated features is that Boom Cards are self-grading. This can eliminate the need for the teacher or therapist to spend extra time evaluating how the student is doing. All of the data that you need for your session is right in front of you, which will save time from grading each session. And Boom Cards come in a variety of languages.

1. Beachball Token Board with 100 Trials

Download this Boom Card deck to your library to practice your articulation words. Created by: Communication CrAZe

2. Fifty Articulation Trials

Download this Boom Card deck to your library to practice 50 articulation trials

3. One Hundred Articulation Trials

Download this Boom Card deck to your library to practice 100 articulation trials

6. Back to School 100 Trials Hidden Images

Download this back to school hidden images activity to practice 100 articulation trials

7. Spring 100 Trials – Great for Teletherapy

Download this spring edition to practice 100 articulation trials

8. Flag Token Board 50 Trials

Download this Independence Day flag token board to practice 50 articulation trials

9. Fall Articulation Coloring 45 Trials

Download this fall articulation coloring deck to practice 45 articulation trials

This entire list is free

22 Reinforcement Games

1. Toy Theater

2. Pink Cat Games can also be used to address therapy goals

3. ABCya  Hundreds of games sorted by grades PreK-6+

4. The Color Super fun coloring pages for grades K-5

5. Match the Memory  Hundreds of different decks to play “memory,” everyone’s favorite childhood game

6. Happy Clicks Great for early intervention, life skills, or early elementary students

7. PBS Kids Hundreds of fun and interactive games, with favorite characters

8. Happy Birthday Song Have a student with a birthday? Simply enter their name and sing them the birthday song!

9. Interactive Mr. Potato Head Have your students build and play an interactive game with Mr. Potato Head

10. Wheel of Names Type your students’ names in the box on the right-hand side, then use the spinner to pick a person in the group

11. Tic-Tac-Toe Play a fun game of tic-tac-toe

12. Connect Four Play a Digital Version of Connect Four

13. Two-Player Games Play fun and interactive two-person games

14.  Disney If your students enjoy Disney, then they will love to play a game with their favorite characters

15. Battleship Play a game of battleship

16. Flip a Coin Flip a coin to make a decision, such as who goes first

17. Poki Some many fun games from UNO to Snakes and Ladders

18. Digi Puzzle Hundreds of educational puzzles, jigsaws, and coloring pages

19. Fun Brain Online educational games for kids of all ages (math, grammar, science, spelling, history)

20. Whiteboard The possibilities are endless with a whiteboard! Use to have your students draw a picture as a reward if you don’t have access to a platform like Zoom

21. Kneebouncers A collection of interactive online games specially designed for babies, toddlers, and preschool kids

22. Play 4 in a line One of the many “Math is Fun” puzzles, games, and activities for elementary-age children

3 Speech Therapy Activity Websites


This fun and creative educational resource promotes playfulness in young children. OWLIEBOO is a website that teaches children to use a mouse while they play games that promote learning. Online coloring, games, and videos encourage and develop children’s creativity and learning, while at the same time reinforcing fine motor tasks. Because of this, many online speech therapists (and occupational therapists) use this site regularly during their sessions. And now you can access their online speech activities through an app!

2. Mommy Speech Therapy

This website is loaded with online speech therapy activities for your sessions. Whether it is articulation, speech structure, fluency, or literacy, this site seems to have all the online speech activities you may need for young children. SLP, Maegan Duplantis, recommends Mommy Speech Therapy. She says, “I use this site a lot! I like to have the students make up silly stories using the story structure cue cards and story organizer activity. It’s great to use for articulation, as well as semantics, syntax, and even pragmatics.”

3. Tiny Tap

Tiny Tap is arranged according to age. Once you enter your student’s age, you will be able to access a host of online speech therapy activities and interactive lessons. The possibilities are endless with subjects in math, science, foreign language, social studies, and more. Speech activities can be found in their own section! The website was created to provide the right tools for the students to learn and grow.


This comprehensive list of online speech therapy activities and websites will help your students enjoy their therapy sessions. And rest assured, therapists, attest that these activities have worked for them, so you know that they will work for you. They are engaging, fun, and best of all, they will provide your students with resources to learn and grow.