Online Speech Therapy clinicians provide the help your child needs. But how can you, as a parent, maximize the therapeutical experience? Simply put, how can you help your child?

Online Speech Therapy Means Being Proactive

Being proactive begins, like so many other things in life, by getting an education. The world of special needs can be a confusing place. It comes with a whole new language: IEP, IFSP, OT, ST, PT, LRE, FAPE, and the list goes on and on! Upon discovering that your child has special needs, get educated. Read all you can and find out what resources are available in your area.

Then ask lots and lots of questions. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions! There are no stupid ones. SLPs are asked all kinds of questions and certainly don’t expect you to know the things they know. Ask whatever you need to understand what is happening. The more you understand, the better you can help your kid through this process.

Advocate for your child! Be your child’s advocate, because you are the BEST person to do it. You know your child better than anyone else and spend the most time with him/her. So get educated, ask questions, and speak up!

Practice, Practice, Practice.

You need to be directly involved in your child’s online speech therapy! While the clinician will bring his/her unique expertise, that doesn’t preclude you from being a big part of your child’s success. Be involved! And the best part is that practicing many speech and language skills can weave into normal, daily activities.

Play memory games and be sure that both of you say the names of the objects on the cards as you turn them over. If your kid is musically inclined, why not use song to practice the sounds/words you want to help your child with?

Want to put that Smartphone to even better use?  Practice calling and talking to grandparents, dad at work, or other relatives and friends who want to (and have the patience) to be part of your kid’s success.

Read books together and let your child repeat words. Ask her what she sees in the picture, or just do something fun like going to the beach or playground. Capitalize on that fun and practice the sounds of the sand, ocean, waves, swim, slide, swing, etc.

One of the sweetest ideas came from a mother who proudly acknowledged that, “My son gets to lick a lollipop in between repetitions of his words. Five words then a lick. He knows he has to put it down when it is time to work. Sticky but it works.”

Online Speech Therapy Help On The House!

The Internet has provided online speech therapy resources that offer your kids opportunities to reinforce their clinical experience in the comfort of your home. Take a look at the following free resources. Remember: an optimal online speech therapy source is designed to assist your child’s growth and development, not merely to entertain and pass the time. contains several stories and interactive activities for young children (preschool and older). The online offering is multidimensional providing a story and activity, together with activities for parents that can be downloaded and printed. includes several games for children. They cover a broad smattering of topics, and are quite educational. They include vocabulary, grammar, reading, math, and some that are thrown in just for the fun of it!, The Family Playground website, is a marvelous resource for young children (preschool and older) and mom and dad as well. Included are activities and games that are related to such beloved characters such as Clifford, the Magic School Bus, Walter Wick, and I Spy.

The Tongue Twister Database provides fun as your child masters tongue twisters. Practicing speech never brought with it so many giggles!