2 Keys to A California Online Speech Therapist Stealth Job Search

california speech therapistLet’s say you currently have a California speech therapist job and aren’t too happy with it.  But you can’t afford to leave your current employer until you find a new one.  Sound like a conundrum?  For many it is.  So you need to get real smart, real fast.  Your wisest strategy is to conduct a stealth job search to protect your job, your income, and perhaps your reputation.

1. Use Your Head When Pursuing Your CA Online Speech Therapist Job Search

As you already know, there is no such thing as privacy anymore – even during lunch breaks and other times at work that are ostensibly considered “personal.”  Your boss has numerous “monitoring options” at his/her disposal to check your email and internet use, and even voice messages that were left for you.

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Company Phone

Want to blow your cover quickly?  Just use your current employer’s phone number when you want a potential new employer to contact you.  Ever stop to think how humiliating it would be for your boss or co-worker to answer the phone or hear the message from a recruiter? Not only will you get fired, but now the new employer has no way to reach you!

Cell Phone and Email

So, of course, the solution is to use your cell phone.  Just be sure that it is your personal cell phone and not the company’s that you have permission to use.  Again, the boss may be able to monitor your calls and contacts.  And the same goes for email. Be certain that you, and only you, has access to any means of communication that you use.

Job Boards

Job Boards can be very tricky, consequently posting to them requires great care.  Believe it or not, some employers scan the large resume banks easily accessed on Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder.  What are they looking for?  Sometimes they are looking for the resumes of their current employees. The only way around this is to post as “private” or “confidential.”

Signing up for job alerts should be fine as long as they aren’t sent to your work e-mail address.  Resist the temptation to email your resume to thousands of recruiters and employers and post it at dozens of job sites by contracting a resume distribution service.  Doing so practically assures that your resume will become visible to someone in your current employer’s organization.

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One More Thing

It seems unnecessary to say, but here it goes, “Don’t announce your job search in Twitter, your blog, your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.”  Unless of course, you want to lose total control of the situation!

2. Network with Barely a Whisper

On the other hand, don’t think that as a California online speech therapy stealth job hunter you lack options.  Reaching out to trusted colleagues, family and friends and informing them that you are interested in alternatives is certainly fine.  Just keep reminding them to keep it quiet. Attend those networking events, just reiterate to those whom you meet that this is confidential.

It is not such a good idea to share the news of your job search with anyone when you first meet.  Should you find someone at a networking event that you want to know better, go out to coffee and share your story in a more personal encounter.  Don’t send an email. A face to face meeting or a phone call is preferable to an email which carries the risk of going astray.

Even when you begin to interview, and you consult with those in your network again to learn about the employer, remind everyone you speak to, “please, keep it confidential.”  You would be surprised to know how easy it is for people to forget this seemingly simple but critical detail which may not mean so much to someone else but could be potentially devastating to you.

Bottom Line

At every step of the way, from your online profile to communicating with your network and potential employer, you must be vigilant to protect yourself.  This requires awareness, attention to detail, and repetition.  Your CA online speech therapy stealth job search is challenging enough without these concerns.  Following simple rules protects your job and your reputation!

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