Everything needs to change with the advancement of technology, especially the way school psychologists help children.

Teletherapy is turning out to be one of the fastest growing fields for therapists nationwide and it is allowing California school psychologists a tremendous opportunity to have the job of their dreams without any of the headache attached to their current one.

In this post, we’ll discuss why California school psychologists should strongly consider a side job or even a full-fledged career in teletherapy.

Teletherapy Allows California School Psychologists More Flexibility

In-person therapy sessions confine you to working within a specific geographical region. However, teletherapy allows you to work with any child anywhere in the world. If you’re in need of a larger caseload, this is an immediate benefit.

Not only that, but teletherapy is extremely convenient for California mental health counselors. Both you and your clients have the convenience of getting in touch with one other without having to drive to sessions. This seriously reduces the amount of travel time you will need and also prevents you from missing out on a session that a child cannot make. Imagine: you’ll never have to drive all the way to a session just to find out that the child couldn’t make it that day.

Teletherapy for CA school psychologists also allows you to set your own hours and make your own schedule while working from home (or really anywhere you’d like). To put it simply, teletherapy lets you be your own boss.

Teletherapy is Beneficial Both to You and Your Clients

Teletherapy allows children in rural California schools, who might not normally have access to a California school psychologist, use your services. This means you can expand your network, get more clients, and help more children – all without leaving your home.

Furthermore, some children are not so comfortable with face-to-face interactions with therapists and psychologists. They may grow apprehensive and turn inward or become completely tight-lipped. Teletherapy allows for young children to get excited about their sessions through stimulating and interactive games.

Technological advancement has brought a lot of changes to the counseling field. Technology has helped advanced methods of communication substantially, making teletherapy for California school psychologists a viable reality. Any clinician looking for a more flexible schedule, the opportunity to be his or her own boss, and the ability to work from home should seriously consider teletherapy.