Teletherapy has recently gained a lot of prominence, especially among psychologists working in a school setting. Teletherapy opens new avenues for California school psychologists to assist patients with little to no access to one.

Today, school psychologists implement different delivery models to ensure the effectiveness of teletherapy. In this article you’ll find out why CA school psychologists ought to strongly consider adding teletherapy to their resumes.

Improves Clinical Skills

Teletherapy has assisted psychologically challenged students, as well as clinicians in developing and improving clinical skills. In some cases, both the student and the psychologist may not have the time or capacity to meet in a physical location. However, using modern technological tools, the school psychologist, and the student can have a face-to-face conversation online and determine the root cause of the psychological problem. The use of teletherapy also improves the ease of talking to students with social anxiety. Through the use of technology, a psychologist in California can communicate, diagnose, and treat students with social anxiety.

Broader Outreach

Besides improving clinical skills, teletherapy has a broader reach, especially for students in group therapy. Thanks to teletherapy, California school psychologists can reach different student from different counties with ease because it has no geographical boundaries. Regardless of whether the student is in San Diego or Sacramento, the school psychologist can provide the necessary care.

Privacy and Anonymity in Therapy

Teletherapy is particularly effective because it can allow students in a given therapy set up to maintain anonymity and privacy. They won’t have to be seen in a waiting room at the psychologist’s office or have to visit that “special room” in school. Teletherapy not only is fun, but it also can save from the terrible teasing that children are unfortunately known for doing. It also allows for the students to feel more comfortable talking with the school psychologist and building a relationship.

Applicable to Students with Speech Difficulty

Also, teletherapy is very applicable to students who suffer from speech difficulties. The therapy involves on-screen games that help with both articulation and language skills – and it all can happen right from the CA school psychologist’s home!

With benefits like these, it’s hard to pass up the prospect of getting involved in teletherapy.