3 Tactics to Refresh Your California Online Speech Therapy Job Search

california online speech therapy job

You're feeling aggravated, perhaps even on the brink of burnout. Awhile ago, you stopped keeping track of the applications or counting the emails. All that time and effort and you still haven't landed that California online speech therapy job. Whenever you were called for an interview, hopes soared only to get dashed once more when you were rejected yet once more.

Anything sound familiar to you? Is it possible that you sometimes wish there was some way to reinvigorate the seemingly endless search?

1. Reaching Out – Call the Old Boss

Assuming you still speak to each other, perhaps it’s time to meet your old boss for coffee. Rekindling the connection, while at first awkward, can be a brilliant maneuver to open doors. You never know who your former employer talks to. And while you wouldn’t contemplate returning to work there, the old boss may be perfectly positioned to help in your time of need. Whether it’s putting his/her network at your disposal, or giving you a fantastic recommendation, this tactic could be clutch in finding that coveted California online speech therapy job.

Ready to improve your work-life balance, be your own boss, and land your dream job?

2. The Resume - Your Achilles Heel

Most people don’t realize that the average recruiter will scan your resume for no more than 10 seconds in deciding if you deserve an interview. As far as you are concerned your California online speech therapy resume may be a masterpiece, but how will you know until you reveal it to more objective eyes. You don’t need a professional for this. Any adult who understands what to do could offer a helpful critique after scanning it for less than a minute.

And yet, there may be another obstacle to overcome. How well have you articulated who you are and what you want?  Let’s say you wrote, “A first-rate professional who is motivated and driven by maximizing the company’s ROI.” What have you written?  It doesn’t mean much to a recruiter who reads hundreds of these meaningless statements every month. Without a doubt, your resume will find its way to that peaceful resting place hidden under the recruiter’s desk.

You need to stand out by sounding human! If instead, you wrote something like, “I love people and enjoy creating and maintaining meaningful and productive relationships with clients and customers alike. Since I focus on the person and not any particular sale,  I am an incredible long-term investment for any company that understands the secret to long-term growth.”

3. Cover Letter – Will it Land You the California Online Speech Therapy Job?

We all have the problem. It’s called being a creature of habit. It's easy to give something new our full attention. However, when we have already seen it even once, it isn’t so simple. Now, multiply that by the hundreds.

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In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, it’s your cover letter! It would be foolish to think that the hiring manager would give that lifeless form a second look. But don’t despair: there is a little known compelling alternative. It's called the Pain Letter. “What is a Pain Letter?”, You might ask. It's precisely as it sounds: a letter about pain, business pain that is, and it comes in a variety of forms.

While the particular pain that is being addressed may vary, what every Pain Letter shares is that it engages some problem that is preventing someone in the business from the top down from accomplishing a particular goal.

The business might be challenged to maintain its market share. Maybe it's facing difficulty holding onto to its best employees. Perhaps the company’s growth is stagnating due to a lack of innovation. If you have the eyes, you won’t need to look very far before you find business pain because it's truly everywhere.

Don’t think you need to wait until applying for the job to write your Pain Letter. Any time you write a well thought out letter is the right time and could land you the face time with the hiring manager for which you have been pining.

Just remember, the recruiter isn’t particularly interested in your credentials or experience. He or she doesn’t care much about your knowledge either. What is most interesting to anyone experiencing business pain is relieving the suffering.

By providing an insightful explanation as to the root of that pain accompanied by a brief story showing how you eased such pain in the past is sure to get the attention you so much want, and end that seemingly endless California online speech therapy job search once and for all!

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