California Online Speech Therapy Job Search: The 2 Toughest Emotions

It’s practically impossible to survive your CA online speech therapy job search unscathed. Frustration, disappointment, and perhaps even anger are typical reactions to rejection. Unfortunately, these emotions are not only unpleasant to experience but can handicap the search itself, creating a potentially vicious cycle that is going nowhere but south.

So, aside from being forewarned, what can you do about it?  Just like any problem that you want to solve, you must begin with a clear understanding of what you are facing. While the particular emotions may vary from one person to the next, these two are perhaps the most common and severe.

1 – You find the California online speech therapy job search overwhelming

Where exactly do you begin? There are so many ways to approach the search for your dream California online speech therapy job. Which websites should you explore? What about job boards? Maybe you should sign up for that free webinar offering networking advice and training. How do you create a “killer” resume? Are you seeking a position you are qualified for? Do you have the confidence to “ace” the interview?

Take three deep breaths and relax. If you aren’t feeling overwhelmed, you probably aren’t taking the search seriously enough.  That said, you need a way to deal with that overwhelmed sensation which can paralyze you. You must shift your focus from the discomfort of feeling overwhelmed and wishing it away to concrete action that can cut right through it.

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You must submit to discipline and focus while proceeding step by step towards your goal. Outline your “workload,” prioritize it, and begin to implement it one piece at a time. First the resume and then a daily diet of reading and responding to the email alerts awaiting you in your inbox. Next, devise a plan to improve your networking, and so on.  The key is to unlock the energy pent up in the emotion and channel it into concrete, constructive and consistent action.

2 – You have become anxious and afraid by rejections

The truth is that just about everyone faces rejection somewhere along the way in seeking that coveted California speech therapy job. But that provides little to no solace. Not only does rejection hurt, but it can also take its toll on your confidence–causing you to be a bit more reticent and afraid to move forward.

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As much as you tell yourself that it doesn’t bother you so much to be rejected, you know deep down that it just isn’t true. When it happens too frequently, you can’t help but begin to wonder: does anyone want me? Am I truly qualified? Will I ever find the position I want? These and other questions start to gnaw at a person! Left to their own devices, they can gradually morph into low self-esteem or, even worse, feelings of anxiety and fear.

How can you stop the downward spiral? If this is your experience, it is helpful to know that scientific research has shown that feelings of anxiety and fear constrict pathways in the brain, negatively impacting optimism and creativity. Worry and imagination are a dangerous combination as they can make you believe that you’re helpless and hopeless.

Is there a way to address the anxiety and fear that seems to have overtaken you and is stymieing your seemingly endless search for that California online speech therapy job?

The solution is quite simple: “Access your creative juices!” It has been demonstrated time and again that becoming creative energizes your entire being while simultaneously obstructing the dangerous fantasies borne of fear and anxiety from taking root inside your heart.

Although you may believe that you don’t have the time, you must devote part of your daily routine to engaging your imagination and unleashing your creativity. Whether it’s playing your favorite instrument, painting, or writing a poem, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you give unbridled reign to your imagination which can heal and keep you going. While it may not land you the CA online speech therapy job, it could resuscitate the search itself!

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