You need LinkedIn to find one of those coveted online speech therapy jobs in California. After all, nearly 98% of recruiters and 85% of hiring managers search LinkedIn when looking for job prospects.

With over 460 million global users and growing by two members per second, LinkedIn is the comprehensive search engine for finding people. As the Internet’s business network, it is the best place for you to network to find that CA online speech therapy job.

1.  Grow your Personal Universe

Simply put, LinkedIn is all about establishing connections. By connecting with colleagues and other professionals in your field, you will expand your knowledge and deepen insight as to how to accelerate your career.  Whether it’s a question regarding a new development in the industry or the importance of attending an upcoming event, your connections probably have the answer.

The best ways to increase your connections are to have a profile image – preferably a professional headshot, a completed profile that includes a captivating headline, and a short but comprehensive summary of your education, skills, and experience.

Now you are ready to add connections. The best place to begin is with those whom you already know. Send them a personal message, inviting them to connect.  If possible, obtain recommendations and endorsements from employers or colleagues. And share relevant content regularly, along with becoming an active participant in groups within your niche.

2.  Promote Yourself and Your Career

Beyond increasing your connections, LinkedIn is the perfect way to promote yourself professionally. Whether you are looking for a job or even if you are currently employed, you can make your LinkedIn page into your personal platform displaying the full gamut of your skills, experience, and accomplishments to impress both your connections and a potential employer.

3.  Find out about new job openings

If you are job hunting, you no longer need to search the pages of job listings. By mining your profile, LinkedIn’s highly developed software can get you where you want to go. LinkedIn will send you job alerts within your network and industry that are a direct match for your profile, saving you time and frustration in searching for the perfect California online speech therapy job.

Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile

Most Important Elements

The most important parts of your LinkedIn profile are your profile photo and the first two sentences of your Summary. You only have one opportunity for that “first impression”, and just an instant to do so.  Through the picture and the written description you are telling the LinkedIn Universe both visually and in writing, “This is me.”

LinkedIn Headline

Next in importance is your LinkedIn “headline.” A compelling headline on the LinkedIn profile is a short but complete description of what you do professionally, including just a dose of your personality. Although the default setting for the LinkedIn headline is just the duplication of your current job title, it is preferable to take advantage of the 120 characters and be creative.

Profile Summary

Your Profile Summary is your opportunity in a few brief seconds to offer a compelling statement of who you are and how you like to spend your time. Don’t resort to boring jargon, but use a human voice instead.  However brief, tell your story and give a flavor of your personality. Who are you and what is important to you. That’s what will remain with your reader.

Skills and Recommendations

LinkedIn provides the opportunity to list your skills (public speaking, speech therapy, counseling, etc.) and allows for endorsements through a simple click. Anyone can endorse you, so why not ask your friends to help you out? Also, you can receive recommendations that friends and colleagues can write and post on your profile which carry more weight.

Google Loves LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn profile, it will appear near the top of a Google search for your name. Google just loves LinkedIn. So, when you apply for a job or meet someone at a networking event, your LinkedIn profile will quickly be found when your name is “Googled.”

It’s really quite simple, LinkedIn is the most valuable online tool for landing that California online speech therapy job.