Teletherapy is yet another benefit of the ever evolving uses of technology. It allows school psychologists to deliver their professional services to clients, despite geographical differences, using the Internet. California school psychologists should learn to embrace this trend as it can be convenient for them in many ways.

How Can Teletherapy Work for Schools?

A CA school psychologist can use video conferencing tools to connect with students. The therapist then provides mental health counseling services to the students, monitors their behavior, and gives a report on how the student is progressing.

The therapist, students, parents and the school at large get to enjoy various benefits of teletherapy.

The Benefits for California School Psychologists

It allows them to have a flexible schedule of work since they can make their own hours. Therapists get the benefit of making their own schedules depending on their availability. As a result, they can do errands and other activities when they are free and have the ability to maximize their free-time.

Secondly, school psychologists get to have the advantage of working from home. As stated, unlike face-to-face therapy, teletherapy just requires video conferencing. Therefore, one is not forced to leave his or her home. CA school psychologists can even interact with students over school vacations or when they are traveling to different places.

Given that they are the ones who make their own schedules, the school psychologists can become their own bosses. They choose when to take on new students and how to allocate time to each one of them. Therefore, teletherapy is extremely convenient for them.

Additionally, school psychologists get to cut down on travel time. They do not have to commute every day and report to the school for work as they can contact the students they choose to help online. It is, therefore, a cheaper option for them and by extension more lucrative. Students and parents also do not have to incur travel expenses.

Teletherapy is also great for California school psychologists since they can avoid students who have aggressive behavior. Some students can get very violent especially with people who are new to them. As much as they deserve help, the school psychologist can begin by teaching them how to interact with others without violence.

Also, at times it can be more comfortable for the CA school psychologist and the students to interact using video conferencing. Most students are familiar with technology and video conferencing; it is not something new to them. Therefore, students might feel more comfortable while interacting with the school psychologist, making the work that much easier.

Ultimately, teletherapy is something that has already been done quite successfully throughout public and private schools in America. Now’s the time for California school psychologists to take advantage of its myriad benefits.