In recent years, teletherapy has generated a lot of attention among school psychologists. With a computer and Internet connection, school psychologists can deliver their sessions to students regardless of their geographical location.

There are different methods of delivery that school psychologists can use to pass their knowledge using teletherapy. In case you have students with psychological problems, you can use video conferencing to communicate face to face so that you can find a solution to their problems. For California school psychologists, commuting to and from work can be hectic, especially if you live far from the school. This can get more difficult if you are a parent and need to spend more time with your family after work.

Many people living in California dream of going to work wearing pajamas, with no morning commute to stress about. Thanks to advanced technology, California school psychologists can telepractice from the comfort of their own home. Perhaps the biggest benefits are those that apply to your own personal lifestyle. For example, you’ll be able to have more time for your family.

With teletherapy, school psychologists can make their own schedule, which can suit their lifestyle and students’ needs. You’ll be able to work whenever you want and maximize your free time. Not only that, but setting your own schedule will also help you choose the right time to practice when you are more productive.

Additionally, school psychologists can save money and time on commuting. Living in California means you will encounter traffic to and from work. Consequently, you’ll end up spending tons of time in traffic, which could have been used more productively. When you choose to do teletherapy sessions, you’ll never waste money on the fare or time commuting since you get to work from home.

For CA school psychologists who want to extend their expertise beyond their own geographical location, teletherapy jobs can help you teach school children in a different time zone. This is a good way to increase your earning potential through bonus income.

If your students live far and cannot access your therapy sessions from school, they also  stand to benefit immensely from teletherapy. After all, children love personalized, interactive sessions that utilize computer technology.

There is no doubt that teletherapy is convenient for students and school psychologists alike who adopt the technology. From the comfort of their own home, school psychologists that do teletherapy can monitor their students’ behavior and give feedback on their progress. There’s no better time for school psychologists in California to take advantage of teletherapy.