Accept the reality: California online speech therapy job rejection hurts!

Although you have been doing your due diligence by sending out resumes and attending interviews, at some point, it dawns on you that no news isn’t good news. You realize, you’ve been rejected from that California online speech therapy job for which you were so excited.

Whether it is job hunting or dating, only very few of us have never faced painful rejection at some point in our lives. However, it is surprising that there are therapists who contend that being rejected from a job can lead to depression just as easily as being jilted in a relationship.  It is our good fortune that being rejected from a job can be overcome quicker.

At the same time, you need to deal with the here and now, the disappointment, frustration, and possible depression at the moment – especially if these rejections have become commonplace. The question is quite simple, “How do you survive and thrive despite being painfully rejected from that California online speech therapy job opportunity?”

1. Process Your Emotions

Don’t kid yourself.  Those feelings of frustration and even anger are only natural when you are so invested in finding a job and meeting up with so much rejection. Often this anger is actually that deep hurt which results from injured self-esteem.  Before anything else, acknowledge and embrace those emotions that have been triggered instead of denying them.

But once you can pinpoint those emotions, don’t let it stop there. It is critical to vent and express the frustration and anger effectively.  You may want to enjoy a hot shower or bath, perhaps cry, or listen to some relaxing music.  Maybe you want to confide in your spouse or a friend.  Try to release anger in whatever way that will allow you to move forward more constructively.

2. Exercise

Although it may seem strange, going to the gym can bring some relief after you are handed the rejection. Scientific research shows that after 20 minutes of exercise endorphins (natural stress and pain relievers) start to be released in your body. Exerting yourself physically will not only clear your head but expending energy will recharge your battery and uplift your spirit.

Or if you aren’t the one to gravitate towards physical activity, find another venue where you can be extreme or go to the edge in some other way.  Perhaps rejuvenate yourself by trying an activity that is completely new, something you have never done before. Be creative and climb out of your box. This is often the stuff from which inspiration is borne.

3. Reclaim your perspective

Time to air out

Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Sometimes placing yourself in those locations that are bigger than life such as in a desert, by the other ocean, or in the mountains can completely flip your perspective.  A radical change of venue may deeply penetrate your being, helping to shed some of the malaise resulting from that California online speech therapy job rejection.

It’s Not Necessarily About You

Be very careful not to use your rejection as the measure of your professional worth. Just because you weren’t the perfect match for this particular company doesn’t mean that you aren’t an outstanding professional, incredibly talented, and possessing unique attributes. The hiring process is difficult to decipher and certainly beyond your control.

Consider Your Strengths

It’s very easy to hang your rejection on your faults and to blame yourself not only for your resume and interview but even for your personality. Just because you were rejected several times is no license to beat yourself up. Instead push yourself to focus on your strengths and pursue opportunities that will allow you to express your passion, and maintain your smile.

Forget the Past and Move On

Guard against the tendency to continuously review and relive the rejection in your mind or with others. Work hard to focus on your successes and those instances where you had positive outcomes.  You need this to boost your morale and the feeling that you are meant for an opportunity that is bigger and better.  Stay present; don’t drown in the past, and push forward!