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Make sure you check out our new vlog series, Globally Focused, on our new website. Whether you are new to teletherapy or you are just brushing up on some tips, let our remote therapy experts help you feel prepared and confident going forward in your practice.

Our first series is 10 Tips for Effective Virtual Assessments. Take a look at some of the wonderful experts we have at Global Teletherapy!

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Can We Return Their Smiles? How to Deal with Lengthy School Closures 

sad boys looking off in the distance

According to a wide range of experts, prolonged school closures associated with the coronavirus pandemic are likely to have a significant and negative effect on children’s learning. This will leave some students behind academically for years to come, even leading to meaningful lost income throughout their lifetimes. 

To compound the problem, research shows that most children’s mental health disorders begin in childhood and, if not identified and treated early, will impact that child’s development, potentially leading to poor health and social outcomes. 

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Visit our blog for the latest in our COVID-19 Response.

Therapist of the Month

Dr. Erika Ayanaw

Dr. Erika Ayanaw is one of the therapists that makes Global Teletherapy so great because of her strong clinical skills, her willingness to help during COVID, and how she shares resources with other therapists. She managed a large caseload and took over for a therapist when needed.

Here’s a little more about Dr. Ayanaw:

Erika Ayanaw, PhD., NCSP, began her career in child and adolescent counseling and development. She holds a BA in Psychology, MA in Professional Counseling, Ed.S. in School Psychology, and received a Ph.D. in Special Education in 2017. Since 2011, Dr. Ayanaw has worked as a school psychologist for students in Pre-K through 12th grade. Dr. Ayanaw began her work as a school psychologist teletherapist in 2020. She currently works as a mental health teletherapist for students in K through 12th grade, and thus far has enjoyed connecting with families and making a meaningful difference in the lives of students. Research is also very important to Dr. Ayanaw, having conducted and assisted with research studies related to disproportionality in special education identification and peer support inclusive educational practices. In addition to her work as a school psychologist and teletherapist, Dr. Ayanaw is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Educational Psychology Department, and the Department of Education, Preparation, Innovation and Research at University of Missouri-Saint Louis. When Dr. Ayanaw is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three boys.

School of the Month

We love to work with the Commonwealth Charter Academy! The staff care that each student is being seen and is well taken care of. They make sure that every student is reaching their goals. They are responsive in a very prompt way. They service a large student body of over 9,000 kids but still ensure that each student receives the individualized attention that they need. Global Teletherapy appreciates their desire to always communicate openly and transparently.

Here’s a little bit about Commonwealth Charter Academy:

Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) is a top accredited K-12 public cyber charter school 

that provides personalized, tuition-free education to all Pennsylvania students. At CCA, they meet you where you are, no matter if you’re in Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or somewhere else in Pennsylvania. Their programs are designed to match the child’s skills, interests and educational needs.


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Train Your Therapists

At Global Teletherapy, we believe the best way we can support school-based clinical teams during these unprecedented times is to provide them with the resources they need to move their services online – quickly, efficiently and professionally. Using our tried-and-true online platform specially designed for students K-12, therapists can continue to deliver speech therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, social skills and psychological services to students in their homes during these mandated closings. Contact us for more information here.

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